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Yellow Card App Review – Review | Revealed!



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Since Cryptocurrencies are currently increasing, lot of individuals are looking for a wallet to buy and store this Crypto so that when they increase they can quickly sell it to get proof. Do you know there are some Apps that helps you get this Currencies? Have you heard of Yellow Card App? After reading this Yellow Card App Review otherwise known as Review.

Try to read all lines of this article because lots of information will be reviewed about this platform.

Disclaimer: is not being paid to write this review. I am not trying to promote (endorse) this Income Program neither am I trying to tarnish their online reputation. This piece of writing serves as a guide to aspiring members of this Platform.

Is Safe, Is Legit? Find out some tips on this.

About Yellow Card App – Review

Yellow Card is the safest, easiest way to buy and sell Bitcoin with cash or online. This is an Application or platform that aims you to buy and sell the world biggest cryptocurrency. There are lots of amazing features found on this platform to give users a wonderful experience.

With multiple payment options, low fees & competitive rates, Yellow Card is the easiest way to Buy, Sell & Store your crypto.

The CEO of this platform is no one but Chris Maurice which can be seen on their official website ( There are some other members that make up the Yellow Card team.

This platform has address in Nigeria, United States, Tanzania, Cameroon, Kenya and South Africa.

Features of Yellow Card App – Yellowcard Reviews

The below features are seen on their platform and it gives an understanding of the offers for this platform.


All we need to get started is your name, phone number, and email. Start buying or selling Bitcoin in minutes.


Yellow Card accepts cash payments in store as well as online bank transfers. Fund your account in seconds with bank transfer. Cash-out to your bank account and receive it instantly. No more waiting for your money.


No trading fees! Rather than sticking you with fees that eat away at your Crypto, Yellow Card actually helps you get more for your money.


Get the best rates when trading on Yellow Card


Security of our customers funds is our top priority. Our distributed system is built from the ground up with streamlined security for both customers and agents. We use multi-sig wallets to ensure your funds are safe.


Our Help Center is perfect for beginners looking to learn as they go.


Vital Information

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Yellow Card App Review – Review

Below are some statements from various users of this platform. Some are criticizing the App or platform while some are applauding it. This Review isn’t biased, the information is gotten from users.

I’ve been into cryptocurrency since 2017 but I’ve never seen anything like this app. So easy and fast to use. Little by little I’ve been able to buy Bitcoin in small amounts without fees and save. I’ll really recommend this to all crypto enthusiast especially in Nigeria”

“Very important and useful app. The most important thing in this app is very easy to use. Buying crypto has never been easy, but with Yellow Card Wallet everything is simple, deposit, buy, sell, withdrawal. I don’t know about other countries but for Nigerian this App is Blessing”.

“The app doesn’t send me OTP sms to verify my BVN, making it difficult to upgrade to tier two. I don’t find the app useful until I can upgrade successfully”.

“I have installed this app over three times, but everything is just stagnant. This last one is even the worst, its just not opening, its either giving an error response or a blank page. Please resolve this issue”.

There are some other comments from users of this App but we felt like showing just this. Login Login is easy when you make use of the App, all you have to do is download the App from Google Playstore and Install. Set it up by providing your details. BVN is used for verification of your account.

Is Safe

Up till today, the system has not suffered any hack from anywhere which means currently, is Safe.

Is Legit – Is Yellow Card App Legit is Legit at the moment and can be used because no history of it being hacked. There are lots of persons using this App because of the Features.

Is a Scam

A scamming site is a platform that is engaged in fraudulent activities right? There is no record seen of this platform engaged in such as at the time of writing this review. The App are being used by people and some prefer it.

Do you know you can help improve this Yellow Card App Review otherwise known as Review by dropping your experience on this App.

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