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Income Program Review Review – Legit, Scam or Crashed? Find out now!!!



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You can earn as much as N10922087 from the Xera profit program by simply referring new users”. This statement was seen on platform but the question is how true this is? Welcome to my Xera Review otherwise known as Review.

A Review is needed before you join any earning platform because there are Red and Green flags shown that can be of guide to you.

Try not to skip any line of this article because they all convey vital information. You might miss a needed information when you skip a line. Let’s get started with the Review.

Disclaimer: is not being paid to write this review. I am not trying to promote (endorse) this Income Program neither am I trying to tarnish their online reputation.
This piece of writing serves as a guide to aspiring members of this Platform. We won’t be held responsible for any action done by this Platform.

What is Xera | Review

The information below was gotten directly from their website and it defines the platform to some extend;

Xera is not a network marketing program. It is a community driven local social commerce platform owned and managed through a network of leaders and pro-members. Decision making, income generation and membership growth is designed to flow through members. Every member has a leader”.

This is a platform that uses binary system and rewards you for every activated signups and products sold through your team network or downline.

With three classes of membership on this platform, an aspiring or potential member has to choose one of them. But is Legit? Are they paying members as claimed? Keep reading this Xera Review to get more insight.

Business owners or brand owners can also advertiser their brand or business on this platform ( by choosing one of their memberships.

Internet lovers can also earn from this platform as seen when they do some tasks which will be mentioned very soon as you keep reading this article.

Some persons will want to know about the creation of their domain. was created on the 23rd of July in 2019. That means as at the time of writing this article, this platform is 1 year 2 months old.

How does Xera works? | Xera Review

This is like a networking platform but has some other features, as a Pro-member, you get some commission when your link is used for registration. But there is also a free membership.

One thing seen is that free members aren’t given some rights on the platform which are given to Pro members.

There is also another membership which is Business membership. All these membership has their own amount attached. Let’s now see these Xera membership for more understanding of the platform.

1.) Pro-Verified

This is the basic category of membership all members must belong to before they can be regarded as true members of the Xera community. This membership gives you full right to participate in all Income Programs.

They also say by choosing this membership, you can purchase items from the Xera Store at a discount.

Pro-verified membership has a one-time fee which is N5700. You can purchase a voucher from a voucher partner or you can pay for it from your active earnings on Xera.

2.) Pro-Business

This has to do with Business or Brand owners. If you want to advertise your goods and services on Xera, you are expected to sign up for this membership.

A Pro-Business account also enjoys all privileged of a pro-verified account.

Going for this membership needs you to pay the sum of N19000 as a one-time registration fee. You can purchase a Voucher or you pay from your active earnings.

3.) Pro-Leaders

The Xera community is governed and administered through a network of leaders from the national to local levels. They represent the decision and policy making organ of the platform.

There is what they call National Leader, State Leaders and Local Leaders. These leaders get some cash when there is a registration from the area they cover.

For instance, a Local Leader takes N250 for every signups coming from his area of coverage irrespective of who the sponsor is.

There are some responsibility of a Leader and also a qualification required before becoming one. You can check that on their website for full details.

Pro-Leaders pay a one-time registration fee of N38000 which can be purchased or paid from active earnings.

If you have been reading this article carefully, you will realized I made mentioned of Free membership yet it isn’t listed in the above classes of membership. does consider Free membership to be real members of the platform. They don’t earn when they refer people to join the platform.

Although, based on some statements made, these members can work to earn some cash which they can use for upgrade to Pro membership.


How to Earn on Xera Community

There are some other ways to earn on the platform but we will be looking at the affiliating earnings. As an affiliate (you must be a Pro-member) the amount below are what you get;

Jade Level

Downline: 4
Cash Reward: N2000

Pearl Level

Downline: 16
Cash Reward: N8000

Sapphire Level

Downline: 64
Cash Reward: N32000

Ruby Level

Downline: 256
Cash Reward: N128001

Emerald Level

Downline: 1024
Cash Reward: N512004

Diamond Level

Downline: 4096
Cash Reward: N2048016

Director Level

Downline: 16384
Cash Reward: N8192066

(Name Unknown) Level

Downline: 21844
Cash Reward: N10922087

Vital Information

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Who is the CEO of

There was no information about the owner of this platform on their website. We cannot really say who the CEO is, this happens to be a Red Flag.


Xera Review | Review

Most platforms that have both Pro-membership and Free membership hardly pay those that signed up for free membership. I won’t be surprised if this platform does same.

The quoted statement below was gotten from a comment by a member of this platform. It is uncertain if he was a Free member or a Pro member. is a scam all my earnings are not active they are still pending. I’ve contacted them severe times but they’re not replying my mails”.

Here in, we are not trying to endorse a platform or tarnish their reputation. Comments can help us improve this article.

Currently, we can’t say if is Legit or Scam but you can help us by dropping a comment in the comment box below this article.

How to Join – Sign up

Before you can do the Login, you need to register. All you have to do is visit their website and click on Register. By doing this, you need to provide your information.

You can op for free membership or Pro membership but in anything, try to be cautious. In all internet platforms, don’t put an amount that you will be pained if anything goes wrong. Login

Are you a registered member? Then Login won’t be a problem. Just try to input your login details after you visit their site and click Login.

Red Flags on Xera Community

1.) No information about owner of this platform. What if something wrong happens, who will be held responsible?

2.) There was no address also, which means they can’t be contacted physically.

Green Flags on Xera Nigeria

1.) Social media Presence. This gives them am advantage in trusting index.

2.) Running for more than a year now. This is also a green flag because they have renewed their domain name.

Overview of Review

Age: 1 year 2 months old
Registration Fee: Varies depending on Membership
Authenticity: Unverified if Legit or Scam at the moment
Domain Duration: Up till 2021

Is Legit

Since we haven’t seen any payment proof, we can’t tag this platform Legit or Scam at the moment. You can help by dropping a comment for all to know about the platform. Do you think they are legit? Let us know.


Is a Scam

Have you been defrauded by this platform? Do you feel they are a Scam? Please drop a comment below to help others become safe from falling victims.

You can help develop this Xera Review otherwise known as Review by dropping a comment below about your thoughts.

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