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Worldmobiletrade Review Legit or Scam



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There are so many means of making money nowadays without too much stress. This means of money making is usually online where you don’t have to transport your self from one location to another but only use your laptop to make money with data. There are lot of websites that offer such opportunity among which is Worldmobiletrade. I had to tagged this article to be Worldmobiletrade Review Legit or Scam  so every reader and aspiring user of this website will know what it is.
Worldmobiletrade might be a scam, and it might be legit. You can’t tell, just cool down and read every line of this article.

Worldmobiletrade Review

See how to make money through writing online.

About Worldmobiletrade

This is a world wide cash forum or a website that pays individual or affiliates for reading news. In this website, different news are displayed example Nigeria News, News from India, USA News, Business News around the world etc. According to them the site was “designed mainly to help and keep many youths from all over the world busy by reading news and earning little income at the end of every month”.

One good thing about this site is that their registration is free. I will have to run through how the registration is being done. This is a simple process.

Below are the information needed from you while registering.
¶ Name
¶ Username
¶ Account Email
¶ Payment Email
¶ Website (Although not compulsory)
¶ A question of how you will help promote them
¶ Password.

After answering all that questions you click on register and that’s all for the registration.

CEO of Worldmobiletrade

The owner of this site is not an Indian but a Nigerian. According to what I read he is from the southern part of the country. Although his name is not yet known.

Worldmobiletrade Review – How it works

Since this is a website that claims they pay you for reading news, an account where your money is being stored till it reaches a particular Amount before withdrawal is available.

There are two types of withdrawal which include:
¶ Withdrawal by PayPal
¶ Withdrawal through Bank Account.
Each of these Withdrawals have a stipulated amount you can withdraw. For the PayPal withdrawal method you need to reach ₹6000 (Indian Currency) while for Bank Withdrawal you need ₹12000 before you withdraw.

How to Earn Here
¶ After Registration you are given ₹66
¶ Per referral earns you ₹300
¶ Reading news earns you about ₹2 – ₹3

Worldmobiletrade Review – Scam or Legit

This is a website that uses India Currency ( ₹) yet the news offered is mostly Nigeria. Although they said news from around India, Nigeria and USA is being covered but about 80% of the news is from Nigeria. This is to drive at it might be a Scam.

Jacob ad

Also I registered with them but now I am not able to view my account a 404 error is showing. This is another prove that it might be a Scam.

According to what I have seen and observed. Worldmobiletrade is a Scam.

Disclaimer: Worldmobiletrade Legit or Scam Review is an article written from my own perspective, it is not written to hurt or annoy anyone. No grudge should be created if this article by chance annoyed you.

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