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Most Useful Plugins for WordPress 2019



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As a blogger, there are things that seems so essential for you to have. Plugins are one of the essential things a blogger should have on his site. There are so many plugins all over the internet but which of them is more useful and safe.

There are some plugins that tend to crash your website when you install them. We have compose this article to enlighten about the Most Useful Plugins for WordPress site.

What are Plugins

These are softwares that add a specific function to your blog. As the name implies, these are things we plug up to our site to make them perform the function set aside for that Plugin.

If you need a plugin for Ads placement, it is available. If you need one for SEO, it is available but to know the legit one and the valued one, that’s the big deal.

Most Useful Plugins for WordPress 2019

1.) Yoast SEO

Most Useful Plugins for WordPress

When it comes to on page optimization, this plugin is the best. It has different types of function, that reduce your stress as a blogger. Once you input your keyword, this plugin will guide you. Some of its function includes: Keyword density and headings navigator, it has a site map for all users.
With this plugin one can write a good meta description. It also enables you to know how many inbound and outbound link in your post. If you obey all the rules of Yoast SEO, then you will see the benefits because you will start ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing. One good thing about Yeost is that it is free for all users. This is the rate first in the Most Useful Plugins for WordPress 2019.

2.) Push Engage

When it comes to having back your visitors, push Engage does that well. Once you site up for Push Engage, it helps you send a notification to your visitors once you publish a new article. This has helped so many Blogger.
Have you visited a site and you see a pop up message like “Do you wish to receive notification from this site” That’s how Push Engage function. Although this plugin is not free but you can sign up for their demo version and enjoy it but with restrictions.

3.) Akismet Anti-Spam

With this, spammer are scared. You do experience some spams in your comments and you don’t have time to delete most of them. This plugin is made to help you solve such issue. Akismet Anti-Spam is created to help you filter any comments in your site and remove spam automatically. It is free and easy to use. Why don’t you get this plugin to remove the spam and maintain the integrity of your site.

4.) Sassy Social Share

After SEO, the other way to get high traffic is through the social media. Nowadays almost everyone around the world is in one social media or the other which include Facebook, Twitter etc. Sassy Social Share enables your site visitors share your article to their friends on Social media platform. It is free and easy to use. There are almost all the social media if not all available in this superb plugin. Share your articles today through Sassy.

5.) Google XML Sitemaps

If you want search engines to index your site faster than they do, you need this plugin. One good thing about this plugin is that they help you develop Sitemaps for all your article without you boring yourself with that.

This Plugin enables Google, Yahoo and Bing to see your site’s article and place them in their hierarchy. Once you install this plugin, then feel relaxed about your site optimization.

This Plugin cannot not work with Yoast SEO, it is either you use one. If you try using them both it will be too cumbersome for search engines to index your site because they will be against each other.


These are the Most Useful Plugins for WordPress 2019, and all blogger using WordPress need to have these in order to get their blog grooming.

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