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Wixboom Review – Legit, Scam or Crashed? Find out now!



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We have been seeing lots of platforms coming online lately with their various offers that seem compelling. Here in, we don’t just jump into conclusions, we make Reviews about these platforms. Welcome to my Wixboom Review otherwise known as Review.

I will advise you read this Review till the end because there are lots of vital information that will be communicated here therefore any line skipped by result to you missing some information.

Disclaimer: isn’t being paid to write this Review. We are not trying to endorse this platform neither are we trying to tarnish their online reputation.

We are just trying to convey information on the Subject so that people will be aware before investing.

Have you been asking questions of Is Wixboom Legit? Is Wixboom a Scam? Then I guess this Review will be of help to your questions.

About Wixboom – What is Wixboom

Based on information gotten from their website, “Wixboom technology is an innovative creation that brings into existence two different programs on the same software. It gives users the option to choose either participating as a single affiliate or participating as a group(team work).”

This is an Income Program with the aim of making people earn some cash online. They come with some amazing offers that seem enticing but before you decide on joining them or not, read all of this Review.

Let’s know when their website was created as this will help us understand the platform better and we will know if it is wise to invest at this point in time.

Based on information from, their website was created on the 9th of May in 2022 which means as at the time of writing this Review this platform is less than one month old and can still be considered a new one.

I discovered from one of their Coupon Vendor that this platform just launched lately which means they are very much new.

How Does Wixboom Work? Wixboom Review

This platform is made up of two types of structures and both structures solely depend on what the registrant chooses to participate in on our website. The structures are shown below;

1. Affiliate System

The affiliate system is solely a system by which individuals register individually and aims at qualifying for their Online skill classes at the end of the month.

On their affiliate structure, individuals can also earn commissions from affiliate marketing on by referring various individuals to our website to acquire and learn one or two skills.

The Affiliates can market, sell and promote the digital skills and products available on Wixboom Technology at a commission of 60% (usually N1200) per user introduced to our website

2. Multi level Marketing Structure(MLM).

This structure deals with solely the introduction of various individuals in a group/Team by one person in a view to achieve a set target and set goal and at the end getting paid certain commissions for the attainment of such goals.

As usual, unique links are always issued to all registrants just for tracking the sales commission progress
Individuals on the MLM structures are usually purely networkers and do not necessarily need to learn one or two skills from our website although, they can however subscribe to our skills classes if they want to.

Their sole aim is to keep marketing our brand to various individuals which can in turn subscribe to our affiliate plan and get to apply for one skill or the other.

This is basically how the platform works but I guess you are still kind of confused and I will try to break it down so that you will get all vital information.

How to Earn on Wixboom Platform

Below are ways you can earn on this platform

1. Affiliate: This has to do with referring people to the platform and they claim you can earn up to N1200 once your link is used during registration.

2. Registration Bonus: After Registering on this platform, they claim you earn N1000 as Registration Bonus or offer which will be seen on your dashboard.

3. Daily Login: This is where you have to login to your account daily and it generates N100 for any day you login.

4. Viral Post: On the platform, you are being paid for sharing Sponsored posts on your social media timelines. They give you N300 for any sponsored posts shared.

5. As a Team: You can cashout N10000 immediately your cycle is completed. But this is more of a group work.

Wixboom Review – Review

I know you want to know the authenticity of this platform but as at the time of writing this article, has not been able to identify this platform as Legit or Scam because they are still new.

Since we work with proof, we have not seen any payment proof neither have we heard of any fraudulent act.

If you want to join this platform, this is the right time because they are a new one and they have not stayed too long. But I will still advise you to invest wisely in the platform. No online website can be trusted 100%.

On this website, they claim you can learn premium skills like Crypto trading and some others with your earnings. Users can cashout twice weekly with a minimum of N2000 referral balance while non referral earnings can be withdrawn on the 20th of the month with a minimum of 15000 points.

Wixboom Registration – How to Join Wixboom

Below are processes involved in joining this platform;

1. Visit their website
2. Click on Coupon to buy Coupon Code from Vendors
3. Pay N2000 for Coupon
4. Click on Coupon Checker

N/B: This is an Online platform therefore you should try to invest wisely. Bear in mind that isn’t endorsing this platform. We are just making a Review

Wixboom Login – How to Join Login

This is a very simple process, all you have to do is visit their website and input your login information to enter your dashboard in some seconds.

Is Wixboom Legit

As I mentioned above, this platform is still new and can’t be considered Legit or Scam because we have not seen any payment proof or heard of any fraudulent act. You can help us improving this article by answering the question, Is Wixboom Legit as at the time of you reading this article?

Is Wixboom a Scam

Help us provide answer to this question if you have been defrauded by the platform or have been scammed by them. This will help us inform more people so that they won’t fall victims.

You have come to the ending of this Wixboom Review and we are glad you found it interesting and helping. You can help us improve this content by sharing your thoughts below for all to know.

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