Weibo App Review

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Another App Review is here again. This one I call it Weibo App Review. After reading this review, you might feel like downloading Weibo App. Lots of new Apps in play store, which of them will you enjoy is the deal. Just try reading this article about the App, it is going to be a short one.

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About Weibo App

With this App, you can catch the trendy topics. find the story behind the scenes. Explore your interests and share anything you want at anytime, anywhere!
Weibo App was released on September 29, 2016 and was updated recently on July 10, 2019, By Weico. With over 1 million download which means this App will be popular.

Weibo App Review

Features of Weibo App

– Get the latest news, mind-blowing stuff.
– Catch the trendy topics about Movies, Music, Sports, Traveling, fashion and etc.
– Easily share to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Weixin, Messenger and other social media.
– Support all media types: photos, GIFs, text, videos and emoji etc.
– Discover people with excellent taste and making new friend!
– Post&repost anything to express yourself.
– Let’s chat, share, and have fun together.
– Quick access to Sina Weibo

You need to grant Weibo App permission to do some stuff. Below are App Permissions

1.) Camera
2.) Contacts
3.) Location
4.) Microphone
5.) Phone
6.) Storage
7.) And some other stuffs which include; Install shortcut, Controller Vibration. Etc.

Weibo App

Weibo App Review

Producer of this app has received some comments by users of this App.

Chantal Gàborovà said

Can you please add some smaller countries? I can’t sign up without entering my phone number but I’m from Suovakia.


Thank you for making this possible to other people too not just for Chinese people hehe. I love the contents even the night mode.

This was said by Carleen.

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Also, Haliani Halim said

Now I can know the development of my favorite artists.

According to all Comments Wasplight statement of Weibo App Review is that not all countries are present there.

You can try the app. Download Weibo App here.

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