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Ways to Make Money online through writing



Ways to Make Money for Christmas in Nigeria
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There are various ways of making money nowadays but sometimes, ignorant is the reason for us not making money. There are billions of ways to also make money online that is why Wasplight we have decided to bring to you different Ways to Make Money online through writing.

Writing has been in used since recent times. It is a medium of communication that represent language and it is commonly used by humans to their follow humans. If you are a skilled writer, we have good news for you.

Ways to Make Money online through writing

1.) Blogging

This word is so familiar to almost everyone in this generation because it is the major way of making money via writing. Blogging started long ago and has made so many people rich (examples are Linda Ikeji, Neil Patel etc.). Blogging starts from a single individual with his laptop but can become a major source of information to people all over the word. Although there are some disadvantages in blogging but there are more advantages in blogging, such as money making.
One can get money through blogging in various ways which includes:
οƒ˜ Google Adsense
οƒ˜ Affiliate Marketing
οƒ˜ Advertisement from various company
All these are the major ways of getting money from blogging.

2.) Steemit

This is a platform where people write various quality articles and up voted. In this site, you get followers or readers and when you write, you can get paid. It is not quite easy to be successful on Steemit but by read this article (How to become successful on Steemit), it will help you become successful.

Steemit is not too popular but most people have acquired through it making it one of the Ways to Make Money online through writing.

3.) Wattpad

Wattpad is a home to fresh voices and content that can be found anywhere else. This is a place where writings come to write different types of story and keep their readers engage.
The real deal is not how to write interesting story but how to make money through the stories written. Click here to read a very interesting story written by one of their writers. There are various ways to make money as a wattpad publisher which include:
οƒ˜ Through Ads: This is a feature that helps the writer make money through advertisement. Ads are placed in Chapter breaks of some of the most popular stories making it possible for readers to click or view them. A writer can get paid from their story through this method.

4.) Amazon Kindle

This is also one of the Ways to Make Money online through writing. In this medium, you write an e-book and sell it at A mazon. This is also a kind of freelancing but an easy one. You can decide to write a novel or anything. But how can you make your book known? You can tell your friends that you have written a book or you can publish it on your Blog as a means of awareness.

5.) Copywriting

The job of a copywriter is to write articles for companies or even blogs. You don’t need lot of finance to become a copywriter, all you need is to find someone you can write for. As a copywriter, you get paid for any article you write. This can help you make lot of cash.

There are other Ways to Make Money online through writing which includes: Guest blogging, Freelancing, Writing contest, etc. But we just decided to mention these few and most important ones. You can get paid through your skill in writing through these ways. Hope we have enlighten you, please help us enlighten others by sharing this article.



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