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ViralTrend Legit or Scam Review

ViralTrend Legit or Scam Review
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It has been long see I saw something like this. There are various ways of making money online nowadays, some look so untrue to believe but yet there are those that seems kind of genuine. One thing you have to know is that “Never trust a Site because of its name or activities”, a review serves as an eye opener. You are about reading what I call ViralTrend Legit or Scam Review. The name of the Program sounds unique right?

Carefully read in between lines of this article. After you are done with this ViralTrend Review, you will know if you can trust it or not.

What is ViralTrend? – Viral Trend Review

ViralTrend is place or platform where Advertisers can create ads or social media tasks like Likes, Video views, Follows, on all the social media platforms.

ViralTrend Legit or Scam Review

Advertisers pay for the tasks they have created and registered promoters carry out tasks and get paid 90% of what the advertisers pay per task.

Let me do some explaination here. This is a platform where Brand owners (Advertiser) come to advertise their brand by creating a task. When they do that, they pay a certain amount of money. Also, ViralTrend enables Promoters pick up the task created by the Advertisers and accomplish them thereby getting paid. Sounds easy right? There are more to it, continue reading this article carefully.

Why do you have to Chose ViralTrend as an Advertiser?

As a brand owner and an advertiser, there are lot of reasons you have to choose this platform. Below are some of the reasons

1.) Your Brand goes Viral, through Social media
2.) The Prices are low to compare with service rendered
3.) Promoters of your Brand are real and verified
4.) Their support system is active, they are always available to help you solve any issue.
5.) A Place where you can get the best service offered at the shortest possible time
6.) Your Advert are being Tracked. For every completed advert, they ensure users don’t undo task. They will repush the advert to reach targe

The above are for Advertisers. The question “How Can I make money from ViralTrend will be answered soon. Before you go into that, Can you take your time in reading Atpays Legit or Scam Review? Welcome back from the Break. Lets go into the real business now.

How to Make Money on ViralTrend

ViralTrend Review

Making money here is simple, just become a Promoter. Imagine getting 90% from any amount an Advertiser pays after you complete a Task. Let me say the Advertiser pays N10,000 you are getting N9000 as yours after you finish the task. That’s great right?

There are other benefits of becoming a Promoter that will be discussed below
Why do you have to Choose ViralTrend as a Promoter

1.) As an active user, you get access to wide range of grant
2.) Don’t forget your 90% income of any task your complete.
3.) Referral Bonus

ViralTrend Referral Plan – ViralTrend Legit or Scam Review

Most internet programs deal with referrals. ViralTrend is not an exception.

There are two types of plan or membership which are:

1.) Basic Member

If you Register as a Basic Member, you are expected to pay a sum of ₦ 500 as registration fee. Your benefit is that when you refer someone, you get 30% as a commission for referring that person. It does not end there, you will get 5% when the person you refer brings (refers) another. Its just like getting money when you don’t work directly.

2.) Premium Member

As the name implies, we know this is superior. In this membership, you pay ₦ 2,500 as registration fee, then with that you can get 50% commission when you refer someone and also 10% commission when the person you refer brings (refers another person).

ViralTrend Legit or Scam Review

This program looks quite genuine but I won’t give it 100% trust. As an Advertiser and Promoter, you can try it but have a rethink before you do.

Drop your thought in the Comment section below.

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