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Updated 6 Health Blogs That Accept Guest Posts in 2020



6 Health Blogs That Accept Guest Posts
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Having a Blog is a major way of earning money online every month. Do you know that most bloggers get paid monthly by either Google AdSense or through some advertising companies. This (Blogging) has been the career of most amazing writers. But the major disadvantage is blogging is How to make your Blog reach many audiences. Guest Posting is a vital way for you to make your blog get noticed. Are you a health Blogger that want traffic to your site? Then this piece of writing will really be of help. There are 6 Health Blogs That Accept Guest Posts. And the amazing fact is that these Health Blogs have high Domain Authority. Once you write for them, you will get noticed to some extend if you play your cards well.
Before we enter into what brought you to this great site ( let me in benefit of doubt explain what Guest Posting means. Once you become aware of what guest posting is, then you can know how to take advantage of this 6 Health Blogs That Accept Guest Posts.

As a Writer, these are ways you can Earn money through Writing Online.

What is Guest Post?

Guest Posting means writing and publishing an article on someone else’s blog. There are lots of websites that enables anyone (a capable writer) write on their website. The truth is that this Guest Post is a major way to build up your online influence as a Blogger. In guest posting, you can link the article to your site thereby gaining traffic from the site you wrote the post.
Health Blog is an amazing niche for a Blogger to choose because as they say “Health is Wealth”. Almost every one search the internet for some healthy living and tips. If you are a Health Blogger, below are Health Blogs That Accept Guest Posts that you would love to write to.

Vital Information

Are you born again? Have you accepted Christ into your life? If you haven’t, do that right away to avoid eternal damnation when He comes to take His people. The world is coming to an end.

6 Health Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

6 Health Blogs That Accept Guest Posts
Below are the 6 Health Blogs That Accept Guest Posts and they are listed in no particular order.


Alexa Ranking: #202
Domain Authority: 87

This is a Health Blog that covers all facets of physical and mental health openly and objectively. With a team of health professionals, this website is a great one when it has to do with the human health. Looking at the Global Alexa Ranking of this site, this site will be getting lots of daily traffic and you can take this to an advantage. Write a guest post for them.

How to Submit Guest Post: The article you write for them should be non-commercial and not seen anywhere else. Also, inappropriate contents will be rejected. See more information here.

Natural News

Alexa Ranking: #15,537
Domain Authority: 84

This is a medical news site or Health Blog with updated articles about health related issues around the globe.

How to Submit Guest Post: Articles are reviewed before they are published and only relevant ones will be published. Read guideline on how to write for Natural News.


Alexa Ranking: #8436
Domain Authority: 85

According to The New Yolk Times “Psych Central is one of the best online mental health resources I’ve come across. This is world’s oldest independent metal health network.

How to Submit Guest Post: For you to write a quest post for them, it means you must be too skilled. See details from their Submission Page.


Alexa Ranking: #35,778
Domain Authority: 72

With the above information, this website would have lots of daily traffic and as a Health Blogger, submitting a guest post here won’t be bad.

How to Submit a Guest Post: The rule is that your content must be well constructed and only trusted authors can publish articles on this site. Read the submission guidelines for more information.

Science-Based Medicine

Alexa Ranking: #115,219
Domain Authority: 72

This is a site that is dedicated to evaluate medical treatments and products of interest to the public in a scientific light.

How to Submit a Guest Post: Your article should be related to science-based health care and also, you can republish after one week.

The Master Cleanse

Alexa ranking: #292,551
Domain Authority: 34

This is a site about The Master Cleanse (Lemonade Diet) cleansing program, cleansing in general, detox diets and alternative health management.

How to Submit a Guest Post: Register for an account, after your account has been upgraded, write your post for Review. Keep note that only original articles will be accepted.

Since you are already aware of top Health Blogs That Accept Guest Posts, as a health Blogger you have to step up your game. Start writing and get your blog noticed.

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