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Tyberah Solutions Review – Legit, Scam or Crashed? Find out!!!



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Investing money to get profit is the secret of the Rich. Internet platforms help you earn some cash but the question is can all be trusted? Welcome to where lots of Reviews are done on earning platforms. Tyberah Solutions has caught our attention and you are about finding out some thoughts.

This Tyberah Review otherwise known as Review will give you more information about this platform which includes some Red and Green flags. Since it is called a Review, it won’t be partial.

Try not to skip any line of this article because they all convey vital information. You might miss a needed information when you skip a line. Let’s get started with the Review.

Disclaimer: is not being paid to write this review. I am not trying to promote (endorse) this Income Program neither am I trying to tarnish their online reputation. This piece of writing serves as a guide to aspiring members of this Platform.

What is Tyberah Solutions?

Tyberah Solutions Limited is neither a financial institution nor a wonder bank and so does not render banking services nor run a get rich quick scheme. Our diversified partnerships and streams of investments give us an edge in intelligently managing investors’ funds and earning the trust of our partners and stakeholders by taking advantage of opportunities in profitable investment”.

The above information was seen on the platform and it gives a brief detail on what this platform is all about.

This is an Investment platform where your investment yields you profits in some days depending on the plan you choose on the platform since it is a multi-planned Investment site.

The Domain name ( was created on the 20th of August 2020. That means as at the time of writing this Review, this Investment Platform is 28 Days old. And judging by this fact, is still a new investment platform because it is not up to 2 months old.

How Does Tyberah Solutions Work?

You already know now that this is an Investment platform where you put an amount and get back your capital and profit in some days. This platform puts your money into various steams of Income which include;

• Online/Alternative Assets Trading
• Agriculture
• Real Estate and
• Automobiles

Since this is a multi-packaged investment platform, you are to choose a plan from the varieties of plans and starting at the ending of the specified duration. There are four different package on the platform and the next header will see to it.


How to Earn on Tyberahsolutions

If you have been following up this article closely, I guess you already know the way of earning on this platform. Below are their plans and all you should know about them;

Basic Plan

Minimum Investment: N50000 (N20000 for Students)
Maturity: 25 working days
ROI: 10%
N/B: Working days on this plan do not include Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays. Both the investment capital and Profit are returned on the 25th day.

40-Day Plan

Minimum Investment: N50000 (N20000 for Students)
Maturity: 40 working days
ROI: 15%
N/B: On this plan, Weekends and Public holidays are included in the counting of your plan maturity. Both the investment capital and Profit are returned on the 40th day.

Quarterly Plan

Minimum Investment: N75000 (N50000 for Students)
Maturity: 3 Months
ROI: 35%
N/B: Both the investment capital and Profit are returned after 3 months.

Mid-Year Plan

Minimum Investment: N100000 (N75000 for Students)
Maturity: 6 months
ROI: 80%
N/B: Both the investment capital and Profit are returned after 6 months.

Vital Information

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Christian, keep the fire burning because the days are evil. Live with Eternity in view.

Who is the Founder

As at the time of writing this review, the founder is unknown and this happens to be one of the Red Flags.


Tyberah Review | Tyberah Solutions Review

The earnings on this platform isn’t too big for them not to be able to pay. There are some platforms that offer too much and end up being a scam. But will this platform last for too long? This is what we can’t say.

One observation on this platform is that they are transparent and lots of Information can be seen on their website about them. Continue reading to see some Red Flags and Green Flags spotted on the platform. Since this is a Review, there must be some Red and Green flags.

How to Join – Tyberah Registration

This is a very simple process on any online money making platform. Below are steps you have to follow to accomplish this.

1. Visit their website (
2. Find their registration page
3. Fill the form

Tyberah Login

This is one of the simplest tasks to accomplish. After doing the Tyberah Registration, for you to login all you have to do is visit the site ( Click on Menu and then on Login.

N/B: won’t be held responsible for any action by this Investment Platform, it is advised you Invest wisely.

Red Flags for Tyberah Solutions

If there are lots of Red Flags in a program, the chance of that Income Program being is scam will be too high. discovered some things that will be tagged as Red Flags and they are shown below. Note that our Opinion might be wrong but it serves as a guide for you.

1. Unknown Owner: After through their site carefully, there is no information about the owner of this platform. If you want to meet them physically, there is no image or name of the CEO on the website.

2. Unknown Address: There was no address found on the website and it happens to be a red flag.

3. Domain Duration: This is not really a red flag but I felt like including this. This website domain will expire next year -2021 (although it can be renewed if they wish to do it).

Green Flags for Tyberah Investment

1. Social Presence: It is a good thing that this platform is present on social media. That is why it is a green flag.

2. Earnings not too big on this platform for them not to be able to pay members.

Overview of Tyberah Review

Age: 28 days old
Registration Fee: Investment
Authenticity: Legit (as at the time of writing this Review)
Domain Duration: 1 year (up till 2021)

Is Tyberah Legit?

As at the time of writing this Review, this platform is legit at the moment. All you should do is invest wisely in all investment platform. if you feel we have made a mistake in tagging this platform a scam, try to include a comment on your thought.


Is Tyberah a Scam?

Do you think this platform has turn a scam? Have you been defrauded by the platform? Make sure to add a comment so that others can see. If you think the platform is suspicious, try and contact us as soon as possible.

You can help improve this Tyberah Review otherwise known as Review by dropping a comment below because your comment can be of help to a user of this Platform.

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