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Tron Investment Review | How to Get Started Today!



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Everyone want to invest their money into something that will yield some benefit. There are lots of Investment platform that are paying but some persons preferred Cryptocurrency Investment. Why? This is because crashing or scamming is far from this. The only fear is the fall in price. Welcome to my Tron Investment Review.

Be careful to read all lines of this article because lots of Information will be shared. Is Tron a good Investment? How do I Invest in Tron? Will Tron ever reach $1? All these questions will be answered in this Review.

Disclaimer: The thought shared here is based on some Prediction using some facts. Cryptocurencies are like digital currencies that can rise and fall. It can also suffer recession. Patience is needed when it comes to Crypto Investment.

Brief History about Tron Crypto

The information below was gotten from and it gives some information some this Cryptocurrency you are about reading.

Tron was founded by Chinese entrepreneur Justin Sun in 2017. Tron foundation raised $70 million in 2017 through an initial coin offering shortly before China outlawed the digital tokens”.

Since then, the organization has been beset by allegations of plagiarism. “In 2018, Tron switched its protocol from an ERC-20 token on top of Ethereum to an independent Peer-to-Peer network”. The organization has suffered lots of public embarrassment.

But currently, Tron happens to be increasing and there are some Smart Contracts that makes use of this Token.

Tron Investment Review

Tron Investment doesn’t really mean you should join a platform that can help you gather some Tron such as Smart Contracts. This simply means buying some amount of Tron and waiting for the price to appreciate before you can sell and make Profit.

Cryptocurrencies are digital money that can increase and decrease in worth over time. Let’s take a look at Bitcoin (although it is in recession now). The first real price of Bitcoin increase occurred in July 2010 when the valuation of a Bitcoin went from around $0.0008 to $0.08 for a single coin.

Currently, the price of Bitcoin is over $10000. This is how Crypto works, they can increase and also decrease. The good thing about investing with crypto is that you have a fraction of that currency.

Tron Coin is currently valued at about $0.0432 and the reason for writing this Tron Investment Review is for people to know about Tron and choose to invest if they feel like. In the last 7 days, this currency is about $0.0239 and it is has gone high.

Imagine some persons that got some last week for a certain price, they must have gotten like twice of their investment. If instance, if someone bought about $10 worth of Tron, they must have gotten about $20 this week. Will Tron Coin keep increasing?

Is Tron a Good Investment

One thing you should know about Crypto is that the same way they reduce in price, they can still increase. Supply and Demand is one of the factors the causes the rise and fall of Crypto. Market conditions and Capitalization. Also, if they are legalized in a country and not in another country.

Taking about Supply and demands, just like any other commodity, when the demand for a Crypto is high, the price will also increase. Based on observations, some new Smart Contracts are now making use of Tron which is increasing the demand for it.

Is Tron a Good Investment 2020 is a question that can’t be answered directly but currently, the price of Tron keeps increasing but we can’t say how much it will increase to before the year runs out. If you can get some amount of Tron and save it up, you can sell in when the price goes high and make profit.

There are some Apps that help you buy, store and save this Cryptocurrencies and for this purpose of this article Roqqu App will be used.

Vital Information

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How to Invest in Tron 2020

This is kind of easy, all you have to do is download an App from which you can create a wallet for the currency. The steps below can help answer the question How to Invest in Tron. (Note that some other Apps can be used but Roqqu will be used for this article).

• Download Roqqu App from Playstore or IOS Store.

• Set up the App by creating an account.

• Input your active email address and check for confirmation of email.

• Create a 6-digit pin for your transaction.

• Visit the App and Click on Deposit after you have Login to your account using the App.

Input the Amount of Tron you want to buy.

• Click on Include fees in Calculation

• Choose Bank Transfer (this is recommended than using Credit Card).

• Send the amount to Providus Bank account seen there.

• Once you send, your Roqqu account will be credited (you can see this at the Top of your Roqqu App in Overview).

• Click on Buy/Sell

• Choose Instant Buy

• Choose a Currency you want to buy (TRX means Tron)

• Enter Amount

• Click on Proceed with Purchase.

• Input your 6-digit pin and Proceed.

By following the above steps successfully, you have credited your Tron wallet. If you are unable to use Roqqu wallet, you can meet a merchandize and pay for the Tron. All you have to do is get down Trust Wallet or Tron Wallet.

By using Trust Wallet or Tron Wallet, you can only receive, send and Store Crypto. You can buy or sell these Crypto. For you to be able to Buy, sell, store, send and receive, you need an App like Roqqu.

Tronwallet happens to be more secured than Roqqu. Even if you buy with Roqqu, you can transfer to TronWallet. 

When you want to withdraw, you can Swap your Tron to ETH and send it to Luno App which you can use to withdraw to local bank.

Therefore you need Three Apps. Roqqu App for buying which will be transfered to TronWallet for Storing then Luno App for withdrawal. Since Luno  don’t have Tron crypto at the moment, you can swap from Tron to ETH in your Tronwallet and send the ETH to Luno before you can withdraw.

Luno is more secured because of the 2FA and some other stuffs. Drop a comment for any question.


Will Tron ever Reach $1?

There is a prediction that at the end of this year, this currency will be about $5. We really can’t say if this prediction will come true. If you want to buy Tron, now is the time because it is still low in price.

How to Gather Tron

There are some Smart Contracts that deal with Tron, some persons don’t know how Smart Contracts work, I have written about some of them. All you have to do is read the articles below.

Supersage Smart Contract Review

Autoxify Tron Smart Contract.

Summary of Tron Investment Review

Currently, the price of Tron is about $0.04, you can’t tell if it will keep increasing. Last week it was about $0.02 and now it is about $0.04 will it keep increasing? Will Tron make you one of the Crypto Millionaires? Drop a comment on what you think about this Currency.

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