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Top 10 Weird Science Facts you Need to Know

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Science is something must people think its magical because of its facts. There are thousands of Scientific Facts that will amaze you when discovered. This type of Facts is what I term Weird Science Facts.

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Are you one of those that don’t believe in science? You have to change your mindset but if you don’t, please read this article with all seriousness without skipping a line. This article might change the way you see science. Some of the Weird Science Facts are listed below without much explanation on them.

10 Top Weird Science Facts

  1. Sound of Water: Weird Science FactsSource: Pixabay.                              When we talk of H2O popularly known as water having different sound might sound funny. Hot water and Cold water sound differently when poured. Try it and you will find out that Cold water has higher pitch while Hot water has low pitch.
  2. Human Lungs Producing Blood:  It was believed previously that bone marrow produce blood. But recent studies have shown that the function of the Lung is not just for Breath but also it produces Blood and they produce about 10 million platelet per hour.Source : Pixabay
  3. Grass Smell is from Stress Signal: This is considered as one of The Weird Science Facts and it is true. Have you ever wondered while grass don’t smell when you uproot them gently? The smell of grass are enabled by the Stress signal of the grass. When pressure is apply to the grass it starts producing its odour.
  4. Animal with 3 Heart, Nine Brain and Blue Blood: An Octopus features is indeed fit to be listed among the Weird Science Fact. This animals has 3 hearts, it uses two hearts to pump blood to the gills, while the other one to circulate blood to the rest of the body. You really need to read about this animal.
  5. Stolen Albert Einstein’s Brain:Source: Catchnews.            Even after Einstein gave an instruction which is “When I die, cremate my body and scatter the ashes secretly”. After his death a pathologist named Thomas Harvey stole his brain. This brain was studied for months.
  6. Honey Last for Years: Source: Pixabay.                                When sealed honey do not rotten or go bad but can still be edible for thousands of years. The reason for this is because Honey has no water content, this helps to dry any bacteria that enters in. Any bacteria that find itself in honey will have the water leached out of its cell walls.
  7. Unfound Letter J in the Periodic Table: The Periodic table that was created or filled with the help of Mendeleev and Meyer has all the Letter of the alphabet but has a missing one which is the letter J. This is a great coincident.
  8. Ants Has Thicker Muscles than Humans: Science FactsSource: Pixabay                          Weird Facts of Science is really weird. How is it possible for Ant to have thicker muscles than humans? It’s funny but it’s true. This little creatures are capable of carrying objects 50x their own body weight. Never underestimate little things.
  9. 2.5 Cups of Urine can Charge your Phone: Scientists have found out that urine contains some minerals that is capable to charge phone. This is a turning point of science. Which means in the nearby future we won’t need electricity to charge our phones but a container to store urine.
  10. African Elephant have the longest Gestation Period for Mammals: Source: Pixabay.                             This animal can be pregnant for 22 month which is the longest gestation period for mammals but some sharks can be pregnant for over 3 years.

All these are some of the Weird Science Facts I guess you never knew but you not know about it. Please share this article so that all can be aware.

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