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Top 10 IT Skills for 2020 in High Demand



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There are lots of skills that are on the go, and there is a need to know the most Useful IT Skills in Demand 2020. These are skills that will help you earn very well and are greatly needed by industries.

Over the years, technology has been the leading mark in all organization. The use of Technology cannot be overemphasized, as they call it, “The Jet Age”. There is no company or organization that don’t use technology that is why this 10 Useful IT Skills for 2020 are based on the use of Computer.

What are IT Skills?

This can also be called Information Technology Skills. When the word Information Technology come to mind, we think about Computer.

In a nut shell, IT Skills are abilities and talent that is related to the use, development, design and architecture of technology. These Skills helps in the management of Technology.

Why Do I Need These IT Skills?

As I said in the introduction of this article, there are lot of companies that now operate with the use of Technology. In fact, if your company haven’t embrace this development (Jet Age), then it might soon run out of the market.

Eliezer Yudkowsky said the below statement about Artificial Intelligence.

By far, the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it

The above quote means that the more years go by, Artificial Intelligence or Information Technology takes a new dimension and you can’t fathom what it will be tomorrow.

Since there is a high increase in Technology and Science in all sphere, there is a search for those that are competent to handle such technology.

Vital Information

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By Learning this Top 10 Useful IT Skills, you are making yourself reliable and wanted in the world of Technology.
Below are 10 Useful IT Skills for 2020 all should learn.

Top 10 Useful IT Skills for 2020

1.) Cyber security engineer:

Cyber theft is one of the biggest theft in the world, because of this lot of organization are looking for an Engineer that specializes in Cyber Security.

There are people out there that are wanting to breach the data of organization. The data of an organization is the biggest thing that should be protected that is why these companies are looking for Cyber Professional or Cyber Security Engineers that will protect their data.

In a Nut shell, a Cyber security engineer is an information security professional that performs many functions including designing, developing and implementing secure network solutions to defend against advanced cyberattacks, hacking and persistent threats.

Sometimes they are called IT Security Engineer, Data Security Engineer, Web Security Engineers but there functions are the same. This is one of the Most Useful IT Skills in 2020 that you will surely earn from.

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2.) Artificial intelligence/machine learning:

This is intelligence demonstrated by machines. Robots are taking over in all most every sphere of life. I saw an article online on the Idea of making a Robot that will serve as a Priest. Has it gotten to that level? This shows the rapid use of Robots in the world together.

Automation reduces the big tasks done by humans and give them to robot. A task that is done in 10days will be reduced to 2days when Machine is being used.

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3.) Full stack web developer:

According to a friend, “This is not for the Faint of Heart”. Every organization takes their product to the internet because this is now the order of the day. Without web development, it will be impossible for you to read this piece of article.

A web developer programs or develop the World Wide Web (www) application using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, http, Java in the server. There is both Front end and back end web development gives you full stack. This is among the Top 10 Useful IT Skills for 2020 because sites like Google, Facebook, Amazon use this and they need those that are gurus in this.

4.) Data scientist:

According to Wikipedia, “Data Science is a multi-disciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data”.

Job for analytical mind and labelled the best job in America by a certain group of people. A Data Scientist uses a set of tools to analyze and make sense of big set of data. Learn this skill, it is really needed.

5.) Mobile App Developer:

This is another big skill all should consider. Almost all websites now want their sites to come in form of an App. Example, see Facebook, Twitter, even news sites are now becoming an App. Soon, will become an App and there is a need for Mobile App Developers and creators. Play store is filled with lot of Apps but cannot be filled up.

With the two leading mobile operating systems (Android os and IOS) and the increase in the use of mobile devices, App development is a good choice for an IT Skill. Design for user interface and experience. Learn Java and kotlin for Android and Flutter which includes Iphone. Get started, learn how to create an App then summit your App and start getting contracts.
Top 10 IT Skills for 2020

6.) DevOps Engineer:

Although this is not popular but it is one of the 10 Useful IT Skills in Demand 2020 and it is greatly needed in Software deployment.

According to

DevOps is a software development strategy which bridges the gap between the developers and the IT Staff. With it, organization can release small features very quickly and incorporate the feedback which they receive, very quickly.

The DevOps Engineer works with developers and the IT staff to oversee the code released.

7.) Tech Lead/Manager:

Just the way you see managers in Companies, a Tech Manager is another type of manager. They are seen in software development organizations. Technical managers are the ones that lead a team developing the codes in an organization. That is themselves they must know how to code.

There are lot of technical problems in an organization that is why this Skill is vital and is among the Top 10 IT Skills for 2020.

When there are such technical problems, the Technical Manager leads his team to identify the issue and then develop software that will become a solution that the issue.

8.) Cloud Engineer:

This type of engineers are very important when it comes to the world of Information technology. They encompass diverse areas such as System engineering, software engineering, Information Technology (IT) engineering, web engineering, performance engineering.

Their function is to design the system necessary to leverage the power and economics of cloud resources to solve business problems.

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9.) All out Designer:

From 3D design with the likes of catia to 3D animation with the likes of autodesk meya. Graphic designer is one skill that should be adopted in the area of IT. There are lot of companies that needs Logo and also want to do online Flyers. It is necessary you know this.
Sometimes, Carol Draw can be used and also Photoshop.

10.) Networking:

Companies are out there looking for people with expertise in IP routing, switching, firewall filtering and packet tracing and optical networking. Networking is growing quickly due to its flexibility and adaptability. Most market needs Networking. Cisco is the market leader in Networking and wireless.
This Skill is highly needed.

The above are Top 10 Useful Skills for 2020 you should be involved in. These are really income generating Skills.

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