Theophilus Sunday Biography

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Music feeds the mind and help it relax. Try this exercise, when you are stressed out or feeling sad, try listening to music and see the power music has. Although, not all music or songs can help you relax your mind but soft and cool songs. Over the years, there are Gospel Artists God has been using to bless the souls of men and among those Gospel Artists is Theophilus Sunday. This article will try to reveal few things about Theophilus Sunday and that is why it is tagged Theophilus Sunday Biography. Just be careful while reading this because it will answer questions to Who is Theophilus Sunday, Theophilus Sunday Songs and lot more.

Theophilus Sunday Biography

Theophilus Sunday is a minister of the gospel and a Gospel artist whose Chants and songs have blessed the souls of men. This minister, has been invited to Universities and also Churches to Minister in Songs due to the Presence of the Holy Spirit when he does that.

Theophilus Sunday is a Minister that does not play with his Secret Place where he communicate with God and due to this, his Songs and Chants ushers in the Holy Spirit to saturate that environment.

He lives or hails at Dekina and is a Free thinker whose favorite quote is “Consistency is the Mother to Perfection”.

Vital Information

It is not all that say “Lord Lord will enter into the Kingdom of God. Examine yourself, are your prepared for Rapture?

Accept Jesus Today and be free.

Theophilus Sunday’s Educational Background

Theophilus Sunday Biography
Theophilus Sunday is a graduate below are listed Educational Background he had.

1.) He went to Ochaja Boys Secondary School Ochaja

Do you know Evangelist Lawrence Oyor? He is another great Minister. Read about him here.

2.) Also, he went to Kogi State University Anyigba and is a Graduate of Theatre Arts

3.) Theophilus Sunday has also done his Youth Service from November 5, 2012 – October 10, 2013.

Theophilus Sunday Age

Although his age is uncertain for now, but he will be around late 20’s and early 30’s.

Theophilus Sunday Songs and Chants

1.) My Life is yours
2.) Who is like you Lord
3.) Yahweh
4.) Worship Tradition
5.) Until you form
6.) Belong to you
7.) Spirit Fire me up

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Theophilus Sunday Net Worth

Just other Gospel Artists and ministers, it is difficult to know their Net Worth, so therefore Theophilus Sunday Net Worth is not known.

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7 Comments on “Theophilus Sunday Biography”

  1. Min. Phil Sunday is a calvary arrow, pointing the world to the ancient path of life in the mystic leading of God’s mandate for mankind… I pray the 21st century gets to emulate such selfless and purposeful life in Christ, for this generation to be saved… More grace min. Phil

  2. Please I have a request to make… We would be honoured and glad by God’s Grace if we can reach Minister Theophilus Sunday. We want to bring Him to our school. Please Sir/Ma, We don’t mind if we can get His Contact.

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