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TheExoduses Income Program Review

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One thing that has been observed about Income Programs is that as soon as one crashes, another emerge. Just like the statement – His office let another take. There were lot of Income Programs that have crashed or is no longer in function. Maybe due to too much participants or it being a Scam. For example, Rasksterly Income Program which was the talk in town last year has crashed. Mulabux a similar Income Program like Rasksterly I guess is no longer in high demand. There is a new Income Program that looks similar like them (I don’t mean this one will crash like them). TheExoduses Income Program Review is about the new Income Program called TheExoduses or Exoduses.

This article will answer some question on this Income Program such as How to Join TheExoduses, Is TheExoduses Income Program Legit or Scam? How to Earn in TheExoduses. Just be careful while reading this article because lot of things will be revealed.

N/B: Wasplight is not being paid to write this article or in any way promoting this article. It just serves as a guide to those that seek the knowledge about this Program.

About TheExoduses – TheExoduses Income Program Review

This is an Income Program that came to existence on the 10th of January 2020. Just like other Income Program, this Income program has a mission which is to give everyone the power to grow their finances and also change the outlook of earning online.

This is a performance-driven affiliate Network Start-Up Launched in 2020 that have Partnered with popular websites asĀ  Mechants (Jumia, Konga, Payporte, Kilimall, Yudala and Whogohost) to generate revenue from commissions per sales.

TheExoduses also generate audience for merchant and their members or participants help them to do this and get paid.
Just like Rasksterly Income Program, TheExoduses enables you to make money through sharing merchants products on your Facebook timeline and get depending on your plan.

How to Earn from TheExoduses Income Program

There are two key ways to earn from TheExoduses Income Program which will be explained with full details. Below are the ways

Earning through Subscription Plan

You gain money from this Program by Sharing Links on your Facebook Timeline but how much you get depends on your subscription plan. A subscription plan is what you choose to pay for and get the Income attached to the plan. In Theexoduses there are three Subscription Plans which are:


This is the first Subscription plan and as the name goes, this is the smallest Subscription Plan. Here you pay $15 (about N5,400) valid for 30 days (a month). Within that 30 days, when you share an advert daily, you get $1 (about N360). Which means in 30 days, you will get $30 (about N10,800).
TheExoduses Income Program Review

2.) BIG:

BIG subscription is the second and is bigger than SMALL subscription plan. Here you are to pay the sum of $45 (about N16,200) in a month. And when you share adverts daily you are to get $3 (about N1,080) daily summing up to $90 (about N32,400) in a month. This is just like doubling your cash in a month.
Exoduses Income Program


This is the last and mightiest of all subscription plans. Here you are to pay the sum of $75 (about N27,000) in a month. And when you share adverts on a daily basis for that one month, you get $5 (about N1800) daily summing it to $150 (about N54,000). Isn’t this amazing?

N/B: All these earnings are possible if you share the adverts daily within that month. Also, it does not matter if the advert is clicked or not. It is not a Cost per Click ad Network.

Earning through Referrals

Referrals here are called Marketing Rewards. Below is an Image that highlights what you get when you refer others.

Vital InformationĀ 

If a man dies, shall he live again? Job 14:14. There is no grace or forgiveness in the grave. Repent now because you can’t tell when you will die. Turn to Jesus Christ today and be saved.

Message +23408139617922 on WhatsApp for more information.

Jesus Loves You.

How to Join Theexoduses Income Program – Theexoduses.com

This is an easy process to accomplish in few minutes. Below are step by step method to join this Income Program

1.) Visit www.theexoduses.com (Their official website)

2.) Click on Register

3.) Fill the form Provided with your correct details (use a functioning email accoun because of confirmation of registration)

4.) Confirm your registration from your Email

5.) Add Bank details for withdrawal

6.) Add your Facebook account to the Platform by copying the link to your facebook account and pasting it.

7.) Lastly, Chose a Subscription Plan.

N/B: You need 100+ Facebook friends before you can register because someone has to know about the adverts you share on daily basis.

How to Withdraw your Earnings from TheExoduses – Exoduses Income Program

Getting money online is one part of the equation and how to withdraw it is another part of the equation. In this Program, there are two earnings which are Main Balance and Referral Balance. Once you choose from any of them and click withdraw, your payments will be processed in 24 hours.

N/B: Referral income here in Theexoduses can be withdrawn any day but just once in a day unlike your activity income.

TheExoduses Legit or Scam Review – Exoduses Review

This is the most vital part of this article. Most Income Programs have come to limelight and all of a sudden crash sometimes for no good reason. That is why it is difficult for some Nigerians to trust an Income Program. But the truth is that you can’t really tell of the outcome of these Programs. Concerning TheExoduses Income Program, it is legit for now. A secret about this Income Programs is that it is Legit when it is new and judging by this statement, this Program is New and Legit. Although I can’t really say if it will crash or not but for now, no sign of it being a Scam.

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