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TeamEarnersFX App Review – Legit, Scam or Crashed? Find out!!!



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Welcome to where lots of Reviews are done on earning platforms and other subjects. Do you know that Reviews help you to know the authenticity of a website? Have you heard of TeamEarnersFX? After reading this Earnersfx Review or TeamEarnersFX App Review, you will get lots of information.

Try not to skip any line of this article because all lines convey information that is needed for understanding of the platform. Let’s get started with the Review then.

Disclaimer: is not being paid to write this review. I am not trying to promote this Income Program neither am I trying to tarnish their online reputation. This piece of writing serves as a guide to aspiring members of this Platform.

Is EarnersFX Legit? Is EarnersFX a Scam? Find out some thoughts as you read.

About EarnersFX –TeamEarnersFX APP

EarnersFX is a Forex trading solution built for anyone with a Small Capital to invest in Forex and make nice income, it also promote social media account of business individual by providing real traffic to boost their business.”

The above information was gotten from the creators of this platform. it gives a brief description on what this platform is all about.

EarnersFX is a platform where members can earn some cash after they are done with some activities. The platform also permits you to invest and earn in some days.

The App (TeamEarnersFX) was released on the 5th of June 2020 and offered by ForexSage. Do you know the App already has over 5000 downloads.


How Does EarnersFX Works?

This is a platform that offers you various ways of earning, you can earn through their Referral commission, Activities earning and Investment subscriptions.

Jacob ad

“EarnersFX users will be privileged to earn extra income of N1000 or more daily for taking part in simple tasks as:”

• Daily login bonus
• Watching video Ads
• Downloading paid App
• Facebook Task
• Youtube Task
• Telegram Task
• WhatsApp Task
• Twitter Task
• Instagram Task
• Raffle draws

These tasks have price tag attached to it. There are six (6) investment subscriptions where members can choose from and earn some ROI in some days. Below are the subscription plans.

• Bronze Pack – N1500 in 7 days (40% ROI)
• Silver Pack – N3000 in 7 days (40% ROI)
• Gold Pack – N5,000 in 14 days (85% ROI)
• Diamond Pack – N10,000 in 14 days (100% ROI)
• Platinum Pack – N20,000 in 30 days (120% ROI)
• Titanium Pack – N50,000 in 30 days (150% ROI)


How to Earn on EarnersFX App

By doing some activities on this platform, you can earn from N2 to N200 per activity. This is the first way of earning on the platform.

The second way of earning is through Investment or buying pack. For instance,
When you buy a pack of N1500, after 7 days you will get N2100 returns. Same thing goes for the whole investment plans. Below is a summary of how to earn via Investment.

• Bronze Pack gives you N2100 return in 7 days
• Silver Pack gives you N4200 in 7 days
• Gold Pack gives you N9250 in 14 days
• Diamond Pack gives you N20000 in 14 days.
• Platinum Pack gives you N24000 in 30 days
• Titanium Pack gives you N125000 in 30 days.

The last way of earning on this platform is through Referral. When your referral invest with them for the first time, you will earn the following amount.

• Bronze – N500 bonus
• Silver – N1000 bonus
• Gold – N1500 bonus
• Diamond – N2000 bonus
• Platinum – N3000 bonus
• Titanium – N5000 bonus.

N/B: To transfer your referral bonus into Available balance, click the dollar icons on top right corner of ‘Share and Earn’ page. It can be added when it above N1000.

EarnersFX Review – TeamEarnersFX App Review

There are some comments from users of this App and they will be shown below for all to see (note that these Reviews aren’t tarnishing their reputation or promoting them).

Very nice app! Trades on your investment and gives back both your investment and interest after the time duration for the trading period. I hope this period strive for a very long time! Thanks so much for developing this app”.

Hardly any task to complete… each participant should have a task on their dashboard. Not showing us unavailable tasks”.

When clicking on a plan, the application stops automatically. Please rectify the issue”.

I am highly grateful to come across something like this. Please continue. Still, there’s a room for further development like; directly withdrawing to local bank account”.

Having a bad experience and mixed feelings with this App currently, I’m a new member aiming to get diamond plan. After successfully bought coupon, all efforts to select a diamond plan is futile. Application error is the response, kindly look in to and proffer a drastic solution to the problem”.

Vital Information

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How to Join – EarnersFX Registration

This is a simple process, just download the App from play store, provide information to the form and deposit using Cryptocurrency, Perfect Money or get Coupon codes.

EarnersFX Login

This is another simple process, all you have to do is launch the App and provide your correct login details.

Updates: The App has been removed from Google Playstore due to some Reasons. You can download their App now from their website (

Also, some changes have been made. The minimum Investment on this platform now is 5000 efx (Gold Package).

Withdrawal on this platform is done using Crypto Currency or you sell your efx to another member using Internal Transfer. (Note, 1efx = N1).

One Red Flag gotten is that they bought a One Year domain name which will expire next year July although it can be renewed if they wish to.

The CEO of this platform is still anonymous despite lots of research, nothing was found.

One thing that keeps this platform running smoothly is the demand for efx, which means once demand is more, Internal transfer will be possible.

Give us your thoughts in the comment section also.

Summary of EarnerFX Review

Based on reviews gotten by members of this platform, we have not seen anyone that tags the platform a scam. has come across a payment proof from a member of this platform which means the platform is paying members.

We can’t say how long they will pay members, try to invest wisely in all investment platform become their status of yesterday might not be the same today. Anything can happen.

Do you know the platform? drop a comment for others to see.


Is EarnersFX Legit?

As at the time of writing this Review, no report has been gotten from a member of this platform which means they might be legit because I have seen a payment proof. But we can’t say how long they will be legit.

Is EarnersFX a Scam?

Have you been scammed or defrauded by this platform? Drop a comment below for others to see so that they won’t fall victim to the platform.

You can help improve this EarnersFX Review otherwise known as TeamEarnersFX App Review by dropping a comment below.

Do you trust this APP? Drop a comment for deliberation…

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