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Tatcoin Review – Could this be another Bitcoin? Find out!!!



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Cryptocurrencuies happen to be loved by many people because of the fact that they can appreciate in price and you get gain. Do you know that after Bitcoin increased, some other Crypto has been founded? Tatcoin is a Cryptocurrency that has caught our attention and you will get to know about it soon.

After reading this Tatcoin Review, you will get some vital information about this currency and how you can get them. Could Tatcoin be crypto’s next big thing? Let’s get started with this Review.

What is Tatcoin? – Tatcoin Review?

Tatcoin is a utility token that is used in AbitNetwork (a blockchain creative solutions brand in Africa). This is a tradable token in the cryptocurrency market that is used as the official transactional currency of the AbitNetwork.

Gaius Chibueze which happens to be the CEO of AbitNetwork said “At Abitnetwork, we are always looking for smart solutions to prevailing issues in the economy”. In other to create a solution, this Cryptocurrency was introduced.

This utility token is focused on simplifying payment processes for goods and services and would be available to every user on the AbitNetwork. Which means by using Tatcoin on AbitNetwork, you can get items at discount rate.


Who is the CEO of Tatcoin?

Gaius Chibueze is known as the CEO of this currency, he is also known as BitcoinChief and he is an internet mogul.

Vital Information

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Tatcoin Review

This cryptocurrency was created as an ERC20 Token contract and minted on the EOSIO Mainnet with a supply of 200 million tokens. Will this be the second Bitcoin? No one can predict that at the moment but getting a crypto can be of gain if it increases in price.

Currently, the price of the currency is $0.09 (N44.90) and it happens to be Africa’s most valuable utility token.

Is Tatcoin Legit

Cryptocurrencies can’t be tagged a scam, they are just like digital money. All you do is get them and wait for them to appreciate so that you can sell and make profit.

Is Tatcoin a Scam

The above header has given a hint on this. This isn’t a scam. The only question is, will this currency go high?

Summary of Tatcoin Review

Token Symbol: TAT
Current worth: $0.09 (N44.90)
Founder: Gaius Chibueze
Total Supply: 200,000,000 TAT
Minimum purchase – 50 Token.

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