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Sure Tips on How to Make Money on Tiktok App 2020



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Have you been thinking of ways to make money using an App? The good news is that there are lots of App and website where you can earn. Youtube is gradually having a competitor in video-sharing social networking. Have you heard of Tiktok App? Are you thinking on How to make Money on Tiktok App 2020?

You are in the right place to get lots of information about this App. Information like How to get paid on Tiktok 2020, How to Earn coins on Tiktok will also be communicated here.

Try to read all lines of this detailed article carefully because lots of information will be passed. Information has it that Charli D’Amelio makes an estimate of $48000 per post on Tiktok. You can beat that record with some tips.

What is Tiktok – A Brief History

This is a Chinese video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance. It is used to create short music, lip-sync, dance, comedy and talent videos of 3 to 15 seconds, and short looping videos of 3 to 60 seconds.

It was launched first in 2016 in Chinese market but later launched in 2017 for IOS and Android. Based on another information from Wikipedia, Tiktok App was the most downloaded App in the United States in October 2018, the first Chinese app to achieve this.

Just like Instagram and Facebook, this is a free App. Do you know Tiktok has over 500 million monthly users? TikTok lite App on Playstore has over 100 Million downloads and still counting.

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How to Make Money on Tiktok App

Lots of questions like How to Earn from Tiktok 2020, How to make money on Tiktok 2020 has been asked by lots of persons. You will discover the answer shortly but do you know Followers is the key?

Just like Instagram where you earn by getting lots of followers, Tiktok earning is made easy when you have lots of followers.

As of September 2020, Charli D’Amelio (a 16 years old Teenager) has over 85 million followers on this platform. She is also referred to as Tiktok’s biggest star. But do you know you can beat her record if you make use of some tips.

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Getting followers is a sure ways of earning big on this. How to get followers on Tiktok is what you will be seeing soon.

Tips on How to get Followers on Tiktok App

Below is a rundown on how to get followers on Tiktok, detailed explanation is coming after it.

  1.  Identify your Target Audience (Choose a Niche)
  2.  Consistency
  3.  Use of Hashtag
  4.  Create Trend or Challenge
  5.  Be Creative
  6.  Share Contents
  7.  Collaborate with Known Content Creators.
  8.  Repost Tiktok as UGC

How can you perform the about tasks? There are some things you need to know about them, the explanation below will be of help to you.

Choose a Niche

I know you might want to join Tiktok or you are already a member. But what niche are you into? You must not follow what others do like Lip-sync, dance, comedy and the rest of them.

You need to choose what you feel you can do best, targeting a specific audience should be considered if you want to join this platform. For instance, if you know some recipe and you want to share, your targeted audiences will be bakers and chefs.

Being yourself and unique is needed when choosing a niche. When you have identified your audience, think on what they will like and try to feed them with it.


Creating contents often will increase your chance of getting followers. Like most social media platforms, the Tiktok algorithm rewards posts that have a lot of engagement and interaction, the more you post, the better your chances of it being seen by some by huge audience.

There are times when audience don’t come, just keep posting using some other tips that will be shared to get them coming. In everything, don’t stop.

Use of Hashtag

This happens to be a hack when it comes to getting lots of followers on Tiktok and other social media App. When you use Hashtags, your contents can be found easily.

The use of hashtags cannot be over emphasized, you need to use tags related to your post, for instance, if you are posting about Cake Recipes, you need hashtags like #baking, #food, etc.

Discovery has it that use of longer hashtags can make your post reach a larger audiences. Still taking about posts like Cake Recipes, you can use #foodforyou, #bakingmadeeasy. Hashtag research can also help you a lot.

Create Trend or Challenge

Some persons join ongoing challenge like dance move and get some followers, but creating your own trend and challenge can help you get followers. Information from says that #ChipotleLidFlip challenge has over 300M views.

There are lots of challenges with lots of views, you can create yours and see people reposting it.

Be Creative

Creativity matters in getting followers that is why it is advised that you don’t follow the crowd. Try to do something out of imagination and see it grow.

Try thinking of something that will put your viewers engaged because engagement and interaction increases chance of your post getting to greater audience.

Share Contents

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can be a place of sharing your contents or posts. One unique thing in Tiktok is that your name appears at the end of your video clip. Try to share and make people share to friends also.

Collaborate with Known Content Creators

If you are a newbie or still have little followers, you can look for someone with greater followers, do a video together and make him/her post it. You can also use this strategy to share followers.

Aerie being a new brand to the Tiktok scene wanted a boost to their following list. So they had to partner with Charli D’Amelio (most mentioned name in this article), to create sponsored content and this drove new eyes to their brand.

Repost Tiktok as UGC

This happens to be our last Tips on How to get Followers on Tiktok App. UGC means User Generated Content. If you don’t have time create contents, you can repost UGC to keep your audience engaged because consistency matters.

If they visit your profile three different times and don’t new content, they might stop visiting, therefore putting them engaged is needed.

I guess after reading the above tips, you must have gotten some insights on how to grow your followers list. Now let’s how to Make Money on Tiktok App 2020, some persons might say How to Earn from Tiktok App 2020.

How to Make Money on Tiktok App 2020

Below is a rundown on How to Make Money on Tiktok App 2020, there are some other methods but we will try to communicate the best methods we feel can get some cash into your pocket after you now have lots of followers

1. Using Live Streaming
2. Promotion of Brand and Sponsored Posts
3. Challenge
4. As a Merchandise
5. With Cloutlog
6. Through Reviews
7. Growing and Selling an Account

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How to Earn on Tiktok App

Make Money on Tiktok Using Live Streaming

If you are one of Tiktok influencers, you can make money by doing a live stream with the help of

By using this App, you can generate revenue as you live stream to your Tiktok audience to share small tips in form of donation for your performance or creation. For instance, if you are an Opera singer and you go live, people can tip some cash using App.

Although, money generated from App don’t go fully to you. It is being shared; based on information,

• Apple iTunes takes 30% share and
• Tiktok takes 20% more
Based on performance, you can earn up to $50000 per month using this.

Promotion of Brand and Sponsored Posts

Companies and brands are out there looking for influencers that can bring their product to limelight. If you have gotten lots of followers, lots of companies will be coming to you to help them advertise a product.

This happens to be another way of earning, the higher your followers, the more you charge for an advert or promotion you do on the App.

Make Money on Tiktok doing Challenge

Brands can pay content creators for direct branded content or participating in hashtag challenge. Sometimes, there might be a reward for those challenge while in some cases brand and companies come to you to help them participate in a challenge.

By doing this, you get eyes on the brand and you are being paid for it.

Earn Money on Tiktok as a Merchandise

It’s about getting the crowd or followers. You can start selling some product to your followers and trust me, some persons will respond because they trust it has worked for you.

You can also use your influence to push traffic to commodities and get paid for doing so.
How to Make money on Tiktok App

Make Money on Tiktok Using Cloutlog

You can monetize your Tiktok account by using Cloutlog, all you have to do is increase you followers base to reach 1000 followers. You can then go live and start accepting tips and gifts from your followers.

The minimum withdraw is $100 and one Diamond is $0.005. If your follower gifts you the Sun Cream, you will receive $0.25.

Earn Money on Tiktok doing Review

This is just like advertising but here you are focus on the product. You tell your followers what they stand to gain by using the product and some other things about the product.

As a reviewer, you can earn from the companies or the brand having the product to be reviewed.

Make Money on Tiktok through Growing and Selling of Account

This kind of sounds funny but some persons are doing it, they might decide they don’t want to continue, then they can sell their account. The price tag depends on the amount of followers you have. Instagram accounts are being sold, same thing with Tiktok.

There are some other Ways on How to Make Money on TikTok 2020 but these are some of the key ways. You can make money on Tiktok in Nigeria using the above ways also. Let’s now see some niche you can choose.

Some Niche to Choose on Tiktok

1. Education
2. Comedy
3. Dance moves
4. Music
5. Make-up tips
6. Food and Recipe
7. Sport
8. Hack and Tricks
9. Tips and How tos
10. Mysteries
11. Fashion
12. Gaming

These are some niche you can choose for yourself, you can also think and come up with something better than.

You can help us improve this How to Earn on Tiktok App 2020 by dropping a comment below, are you on Tiktok? Drop your username on the comment section below, you might get a follower.

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