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Sure Hack on How to Make Money on WhatsApp TV 2021



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There are lots of Applications that you can earn some cash from if only you know the information needed. WhatsApp can be monetized and some persons are already taking this to their advantage. After reading this How to make money on WhatsApp TV, you will get lots of insight.

Are you a user of WhatsApp? Do you get up to 1000 friends viewing your status? Then you can convert those views to cash indirectly. If you aren’t getting up to that number of views, some hacks that you are about reading will help you.

Social media marketing is vital when it comes to earning online. Getting the followers or viewers can help you earn but how then can you go about this? Find out now as you read this article carefully without missing a line.

Brief Information about WhatsApp

According to, this is an American freeware, cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP service owned by Facebook Inc. It allows users to send text messages and voice messages, make voice and video calls and share images, documents, user locations and other media.

Over 1.2billion persons are using this social media owned by Facebook to connect with friends through chats.

Not just that, it can be used to share Status or story for your contacts to view. Do you know people are now making some cash now through WhatsApp status viewing? They call it WhatsApp TV. What then is this Television we are talking about?

What is WhatsApp TV

WhatsApp TV or Television is a means of using your account to share information to your contacts through posting on your status. This is not an application on its own, all you have to do to own a TV is to get some contacts and start keeping them entertained or informed.

By using your status, you can post educative posts, memes, videos, news headlines, entertainment gist and lots more. Since people want to be entertained, you can start posting funny pictures or videos to keep them entertained.

There are lots of niche you can choose for your WhatsApp TV but there are some considerations to be made. There are also some steps to start a successful TV. Keep reading this article carefully to find out more information. Also How to make money on WhatsApp TV is another vital information that will be passed.

How to Make Money on WhatsApp TV?

You can’t start making enough money on WhatsApp when you don’t have lots of persons viewing your status. There are some strategies you have to use to get genuine people to view your status and become a part of your TV.

Note: You might spend some cash in doing this quickly. There are some other way of building WhatsApp status viewers also.

Let’s now find see ways to get lots of traffics to your status for a smooth running of your TV. This also helps you on How to make money on WhatsApp TV.

Hacks on How to Grow WhatsApp Status Views

Below is a rundown of ways in building Status viewers;

1. Tell friends to Save your Contact
2. Get a Niche
3. Run Ads on Top Blogs or other platforms
4. Tell friends to help share link
5. Sharing Contest
6. Do Giveaways

Let me try to explain the above mentioned so that you can fully understand how to go about this.

Tell Friends to save your Contact

Someone can’t view your status if contacts aren’t saved on both devices. You have to cajole your friends to save your contact and also try to save their contacts also. Don’t really beg them to, try to make them understand what they stand to gain (giveaways and nice contents) by viewing your status.

Get a Niche

Before you start a WhatsApp TV or grow your status, you need to have a niche. For example, if you want to be posting about recipe and food hack, then Food is your Niche. You can also choose entertainment or sport news. Try to look for something that will keep people viewing your status. Target your audience and feed them with contents.
WhatsApp TV

Run Ads on Top Blogs and other Platforms

This happens to be one of the vital ways to grow your status or WhatsApp TV. You can pay some bloggers to advertise your TV on their site with captivating statements for people to join. Facebook can also be a source of you generating traffic by sharing your links.

Tell Friends to help Share Link

If there are lots of persons sharing your TV invite link on their status, it can attract some new persons to you. You don’t really have to pay them, all you have to do since they are your friend is beg them.

Sharing Contest

I believe when there is a nice price tag in a competition, lots of persons will want to join. If you host a competition on your status, it can help you get more viewers. All you have to do is, tell them the highest referrals get a nice gift or prize tag. This will make people share your link in order for them to win the contest.

Do Giveaways

It makes people keep viewing your status, if they can be getting some recharge cards and some other prize, trust me, they might invite friends to come enjoy with them.


How to Start up a WhatsApp TV

Without wasting much time, below are ways on how to run or start a WhatsApp TV successfully.

Download WhatsApp

You can get the App from play store or Apples Store. Some persons prefer to use WhatsApp Business while some prefer the normal WhatsApp. You can choose any of them. The reason some persons use WhatsApp Business is because they want that auto-generated reply when someone message you.

You can also use it to set your Business details, this means anyone contacting you is strictly for business.

Inform Contacts to Restrict you

You can inbox your contacts to restrict you from viewing their status else you will have lots of status to view. Just kindly drop a message to them.

Start Posting Nice Contents

After knowing your viewers, you need to know what they love and start feeding them with it. This helps them to keep viewing your status and your chance of earning increases.

If you have finally gotten lots of viewers, you can start earning, truth be told, traffic is a source of earning in all internet platform and once you have them, you will get some cash.

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Sure Tips on How to Make Money on WhatsApp TV 2020

  •  Running Adverts for Brands
  •  Selling Products
  •  Short-links
  •  Pay per download
  • Getting Referrals

Running Adverts for Brands

If you are getting more than 2000 contacts viewing your status, you can inbox a brand with a message like “Hello, My WhatsApp TV (name) can help your business reach 2000 new customers in 24 hours”. After showing the proof, they will love to partner with you.

You can charge as much as N2000 in 24hrs status. It all depends on the amount of views you have.
How to Make Money on WhatsApp TV

Make Money on WhatsApp TV by Selling Product

You can become a mini importer and start selling your products on your WhatsApp TV. If your products are nice, then people will surely buy your product by messaging you. This is another ways of Earning on WhatsApp TV.

Earning on WhatsApp TV through Short-links

There are some websites that pay you when people click on short-links. These short-links are shortened links to a website, you can shorten the links of website your viewers will love to visit. By them visiting those website, they will see a short advert before they enter the website.

When they click on the link, you can earn some cash. Some popular link shorteners that pays are and

Make Money on WhatsApp TV through Pay Per Download

There are some website that pay you for getting downloads after you have uploaded some contents. You can join these sites and upload something interesting that your viewers will love. Share the link on your WhatsApp TV and tell them to download.

You can earn per download.,, and are some PPD sites you can use.

Earning Money on WhatsApp TV by Getting Referral

If you know any platform that pays members and is legit, you can use your TV as an advantage. You can tell your viewers to join and share your referral link. There are some smart contracts link Lionshare and Forsage that works with referral. You can also earn through this method.

There are some other methods of earning from your WhatsApp TV that wasn’t mentioned here, you can help drop them on the comment section below.

FAQ on How to Make Money on WhatsApp Tv

Is it a must to use Business WhatsApp?

• It isn’t compulsory to use Business WhatsApp to run a TV but the truth is that it has some major advantage than the normal WhatsApp. You can choose to download any of them from Play store for Android or Apples Store for IOS.

How can I save those Plenty Contacts?

• You can’t really use your Sim card as a means of saving contacts because they will be too much for you. Email account should be used in saving all your contacts. With Gmail, you can save more than 2000 contacts.

How Much can be made from a WhatsApp TV?

• You can make as much as N60000 monthly depending on how you strategize. There is no easy way of earning money therefore hard work is needed also.

You can help Wasplight develop this article (How to Make Money on WhatsApp TV) by dropping a comment below. Have you been earning? Do you have a TV? Drop the name of your TV on the comment section below.



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