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Superfast 4G offer. What you need to know



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There are many schemes in the internet world. Each day lot of websites hit the internet also do forums. Among this scheme Superfast 4G offer also arrived. I guess you will want to read about the review of this Scheme. Just cool down and enjoy this article, its gonna be a short one.

About Superfast 4G offer

This as the name implies offers data to people. They claim you eligible to get up to 50GB of free data for 60 days just by answering some questions and by sharing the link on WhatsApp. When i say free Data for various network i mean MTN, GLO, Airtel etc. But is this scheme legit or its one of the major scamming scheme. Lets see what Wasplight will say.

Superfast 4G offer


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Superstar 4G Scheme Review

I try to get my own 50GB for 60 days only to find out that this scheme is Review. I finished answering the question and i was instructed to share the link to my WhatsApp contact till a box get filled up after doing that the next thing that shown up was that this Account has been Suspended.
Note: Superfast 4G offer is a Scam. No one will tell you to forward link to WhatsApp contacts before getting MB.

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