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Sqick App Review – All you have to know about this Platform

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Are you a Fan of Facebook and Twitter? Do you want a better experience of the feeling you get when you use these social media? Then another App is out that will give you a better experience. Have you heard of Sqick App?. If you haven’t then you are in the right place because after reading this Sqick App Review you will gain the knowledge you find about this Platform for connecting with friends.

Try to read all the lines of this article because they all convey vital information. Any line missed can as a result lead to you missing a helping point about this Sqick App.

About Sqick App

Sqick is a social networking platform on which users post and interact with each other. Members can post, like, and carryout all activities on the platform like Job Application, Events, Sale products, Webinar and lot more, but unregistered users can only read them. Sqick Users access the platform through its website interface or its mobile-device application software.

As you connect with new people and friends on Sqick, user get reward in cash for every activities, for instance liking of post, create a blog post, sharing of pictures, video and lot more that you can think of.

Some features of Sqick App – Sqick App Review


Join interesting Spaces on Sqick App and discuss or connect with other sqickers on specific or space topics.
You can also create your own private or public space for your business or otherwise and have your members join. A Sqick space can support an unlimited number of users, no cap.

Business Page:

Create your own pages on Sqick. You can use your wiki pages to share valuable information to all Sqick Users.
Are you a content creator? A blogger? Then Sqick is your next go place to share your contents be it Video, pictures, Blogs, etc. You earn rewards (point) as users likes or comments on your post.

Vital Information

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How to Setup Account on Sqick App

Your Sqick Account gives you an Unlimited Cloud Storage. So you can upload unlimited number of pictures, videos, audio, files, and more on Sqick. Your content and data are securely stored on the on the platform.

Now like any other Social media you would love to engage with the community. And it won’t be nice doing so without having a profile photo attached to your account. So upload your profile photo and a cover photo to better give your account an identity.

It would be great if you have your Bio (About Me) Updated as well. This will make the community to have a short understanding about your account, especially if you are a Brand.

The Best way to get known on any social media is to have a better complete profile. Same is applicable in Sqick, A complete profile will better give you a wide reach amongst the community. So go edit your account and give your account a complete profile.

You can check out trending topics and Hashtags on Sqick. One of the best ways to get known on Sqick and get verified would be to engage with User posts, by liking and commenting on Posts. And hey you earn Reward Point for doing so. This method is proven to get you more followers.
Sqick App Review

Sqick App Review

This is an App which you can use to connect with your friends, it is just like the famous Facebook and a combination of twitter. In this App you can fund your account of which you can use to promote your posts. What are you waiting for? Start using this Sqick App today and enjoy the fun of connecting with people you know.

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