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Solmax Global Review – Legit, Scam or Crashed? Find out now!!!



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There are so many comments you should know about this Income Program. Find out as you read this Solmax Global Review otherwise known as Review.

Lots of information will be communicated here. You will know more about the platform and also how people see the Income Program.

Try not to skip any line of this article because they all convey vital information. You might miss a needed information when you skip a line. Let’s get started with the Review.

Disclaimer: is not being paid to write this review. I am not trying to promote this Income Program neither am I trying to tarnish their online reputation. This piece of writing serves as a guide to aspiring members of this Platform.

Is Solmax Global Legit? Is Solmax Global a Scam? Indirect answers will be given to this question after you finish the review.

About Solmax Global | SolmaxGlobal Review

In the current market, there is a fundamental problem when networking businesses interact with their community. A gap forms between the central office and its networkers, leaving the latter feeling disconnected and isolated”.

At Solmax, we have clear aim; to create a business that sees our entire community working together for continued financial rewards”.

The above statements were seen on their platform and it gives information on what this platform is all about. This claims to be much more like a revenue stream to improve your financial health.

Becoming an Independent marketing partners, you will have the opportunity to earn substantial levels of commission, receive enviable benefits from compensation plan also.

Solmax Global affiliates invest in Equity tokens on the marketing representation that they will rise in price by 600% to 800%. They claim to pay commissions on direct and indirect recruitment of new affiliate investors.

We will see the packages an Investor can choose to go for in this platform. But there was no information on how many Equity Tokens are provided at each investment tier.

Do you know only 66.6% of commissions paid out by Solmax Global are withdrawable? The remaining 33.3% are paid out into a trading account.

Their domain name ( was created on the 4th of October in 2017 which means as at the time of writing this Review, this platform is 3 years and 10 days old.

Solmax Global Compensation Plan

When a new Solmax Global affiliate signs up, they have to invest in one of the packages below;

1. Basic – €100 GBP
2. Starter – €250 GBP
3. Executive – €500 GBP
4. Professional – €1000 GBP
5. Premium – €2500 GBP
6. Elite – €5000 GBP
7. Supreme – €10000 GBP
8. Max – €25000 GBP

Solmax Global do not provide information on how many Equity Tokens are provided at each investment tier.

Like it was said above, you get 66.6% while the other 33.3% are paid into a trading account which might be spent on additional Equity Token investment.


Solmax Global Affiliate Ranks

There are seven ranks on this platform, much information won’t be stressed on them. But it has to do with you convincing people to join the platform.

1. Associate
2. Executive Associate
3. Team Leader
4. Regional Manager
5. Regional Director
6. Regional Vice President
7. Senior Vice President.

There is affiliate commission also on this platform, Solmax Global pays residual commissions via a binary compensation structure.

This binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a binary team, split into two side (left and right).

First level of the binary team have two positions, the second level is split into two each which results to four positions.

The more you go on, the more the binary split and more positions enter. Affiliates are paid 10% of investment volume generated on their weaker binary team side.

Rank Achievement Bonus

  • Associates receive a Solmax Global branded fountain pen
  • Executive Associate receive an Apple iPad mini
  • Team Leaders receive an Apple iPhoneX
  • Regional Managers, Regional Directors and Regional Vice Presidents receive a Car at each rank.
  • Senior Vice Presidents receive a House Purchase distribution.

Vital Information

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Who is the Founder of

There is no information about who the founder of this platform is and it is a Red Flag.

Solmax Global Review | Review

There are some comments seen online about this platform and it will be shown below. We are not trying to tarnish their reputation but we want to pass an information on what people see the platform as.

Below are what some persons said lately about the platform;

Hi friends, I had invested 100 pound here in Solmax, as conversation here I am not going recruit downline. If it scam then I am not going to do any business here”.

“I was invited by my friend to join this Solmax igniter100 and I was tempted to join until I visited this site. What made it suspicious was the ROI I mean you invest R2500 in South African currency then within 200 days you get a massive R98000 that is like 800% return. This has markings of a scam all over it but I will see when his 200 days end what happens.”

“Solmax Global is a Ponzi scheme. Invest = money go bye bye”.

It hasn’t been confirmed if these comments were just trying to tarnish the reputation of this platform but please, since lots of persons are saying negative things, you should try to be careful with the platform.

Please if you think this platform is legit, try to drop a comment below for all to see and know your thoughts.


How to Join – Solmax Global Registration

All you have to do is visit their website, click on register and input your information. Solmax Global affiliate membership is tied to a €100 to €25000 GBP investment.

The more an affiliate invests the higher their Income potential via the Solmax Global compensation Plan.

We are not trying to endorse nor tarnish this image of this platform, we are just giving a Review.

One good thing about this platform is that they started since 2017 and their domain duration is up till 2024. Although domain duration don’t mean a platform will stay up till date. But this is considered a Green Flag.

Overview of Solmax Global Review

Age: 3 years 10 days old
Authenticity: Unverified if Legit or Scam at the moment
Registration Fee: Investment packages
Domain Duration: Up till 2024

Is Solmax Global Legit

As at the time of writing this SolmaxGlobal review, it hasn’t been confirmed if this platform is Legit or Scam. Based on some comments seen on this platform, this platform is looking suspicious.

Here in, your voice can be heard, you can drop a comment for deliberation if you feel this platform is Legit or scam at the moment.


Is Solmax Global a Scam

Have you been defrauded by this platform? Please drop a comment if you feel this is a scamming platform.

You can help Wasplight improve this short Solmax Global Review otherwise known as Review by adding a comment below for all to know more about the platform and your thoughts also.

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