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SkulPay Forum Income Program Review

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Wasplight is at it again to reveal some stuffs about another Income Program. Most  Nigerians are always in a quest to look for Income Program so that they can get some cash. This is a nice idea when it comes to money making but the real question is, Can some of this Income Programs be Trusted? It takes review sometimes to know if an Income Program is a Scam or Legit. SkulPay Forum Income Program Review is what you are about reading. This article will answer questions like SkulPay Forum Income Program Legit or Scam Review, How to join SkulPay Forum Income Program and How to Earn from SkulPay Forum Income Program.

Be careful to read every line of this article because it conveys vital information in each line you will love.

Disclaimer: I am not being paid to write this Review neither am I promoting the Program. It just serves as a guide to those that are interested in making money via SkulPay Forum Income Program.

What is SkulPay Forum Income Program

This is an Income Program just like Loadedpenvibes and ATpays where you do some activities and make money via those activities. SkulPay Forum Income Program aim at reducing the Financial Issues in Nigeria many nigerians face. How do they do that? The below quote from them will see to that question.

SkulPay is created to serve as a platform that disseminates quality, credible and dependable information regarding various happenings in Nigeria’s education system. We promote Advertisers content, and also partner with ads company like Google, etc. We share the revenue generated with our members. Our particular focus is on youths, students, middle class and whoever that wish to take advantage of earning the opportunity and making money online legitimately as we create the channel for participant to earn passive income on daily basis.

Vital Information

Do you know the world is coming to an end? The question is where will you spend eternity? Jesus Christ is our only Saviour, run to Him and be Saved. Become born again.

How to Earn on SkulPay Forum Income Program

Earning in this Income Program is just like earning in other Income Programs nothing much. Below are listed ways to earn based on activities and how much you can earn.

1.) New members or participants gets N300 as Welcome bonus

2.) N100 when you Share sponsored post daily

3.) Daily login in to your account gives you N50.

4.) N50 – For posting educational articles

5.) N5 – For reading our educational articles

6.) For referrals, any one you refer will make you earn N600.

7.) N500 – Every month for being an active member of SkulPay Forum Income Program

If you are so serious with the above activities, you can earn N50,000 in a month.

How to Join SkulPay Forum Income Program

When you visit their website, (www.skulpay.com), click on Register then answer the questions in the form. (Below are some images on questions you are to answer while joining). Although, registration is not free.
SkulPay Forum Income Program Review
SkulPay Forum Review

Concerning the fee. This is not a big deal, just N1000 as the membership fee and boom you are already there to make money. The question might be how is payment made but the next paragraph will answer that question.

You can make payment online or You can purchase coupon code from their authorized coupon agent via bank deposit or online transfer.

How to Withdraw my Earnings – SkulPay Forum Review

Minimum withdrawal threshold is N1,200 for referral earnings and N5,000 for activities earnings. You can utilize your cash out when you accumulate up to N1,200 or N5,000 and above. Payment of referral earnings is made daily.
After you place your withdrawal request, you will get paid within 24hours.

N/B: Withdrawal of activities earnings is on 25th of every month and payment starts from 27th of every month.

SkulPay Forum Income Program Review – Is it Legit or Scam?

This is based on my opinion (Wasplight point of view). There are lot of scamming programs to the extend to tell if one is genuine is quit difficult.

SkulPay is still Legit, though we cannot tell what it will be later.

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