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Shocking!!! See what Protesters of Floyd’s Death were Found doing



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After the painful death of an African American, George Floyd in USA by a Minneapolis police officer late last month, residents have been protesting in most of the cities in tthe USA,while some are peaceful, some protests in other cities are becoming very violent, such is seen in some cities where protesters destroy and burn shops, invade police stations etc.

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George Floyd’s death has shaken the Black Americans including celebrities such as Biyonce, Rihanna,and some footballers, the incident led to a blackout tuesday in America. Howbeit. I bet there are some pictures concerning the protest you’re yet to see, you’ll find them below this article.
Floyd's Death ProtestersBlack American hugging  a White Cop

Cops Kneeling in front of Protesters for peace to reign.
A White Cop with a Black American Pose for a Picture.
Free Things to Protesters .

Some other Protesters were seen cleaning the street of American. Not all the Protesters are Violent some just want peace and kick off Racism.

Image Source: Boredpanda

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