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Secret behind the Touch Screen Phone



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The Secret behind the Touch Screen Phones is something that baffles some scientists or even most scientists. Have you ever wondered how possible it is when you click here and a new page pops up? Have you taken your time to think about how your phone respects your decisions when you type, swipe or scroll?

This mystery will soon be discovered if you just become patient a little and read every bit of this article.

What is a Touchscreen

Secret behind the Touch Screen

A Touchscreen can be defined as a display screen that is sensitive to the touch of a finger or it can be defined as a device that allows a user to interact with it through touching it.

Through the above definition, we already know some examples of Touchscreen devices, they include Smart phones, ATM machines, Car navigation system, etc.

There are basically two types if Touchscreen which are:

1.) Resistive Touchscreen – This type respond to pressure so therefore you can use them with gloves or bare fingers. Example the ATM machine.

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2.) Capacitive Touchscreen – This type don’t make use of much pressure. The name “Capacitive” is derived from capacitor (an electronic component that can store electric charge temporarily). Since they don’t make use of pressure but electricity, it cannot be used with gloves but bare finger. Example Your smartphone.

Since we have done some introductions to Touchscreen, let’s see The Secret behind the Touch Screen phone that will quench your thirst of curiosity.

Secret behind the Touch Screen

(How it works)

Smart phones are made of capacitive touch screen which means they need electricity to function. A smartphone is made of a touch sensor on the surface.

Beneath that surface are vertical transparent conductive wires that form capacitors at the crossing. These wires are located on the opposite sides of a sheet of glass.

Someone might ask, why the use of glass? This is because glass acts as the insulator and it is laminated to the top layer being touched.

When you touch the screen with your bare finger, voltage runs into the screen and a microprocessor calculates which contact points were activated. And a controller converts the voltage on the sensor into signals the smartphone can receive, then a software orders the smartphone on what to do.

In a lay man term, when you touch your smartphone, voltage from your body are transferred to the smartphone. Then there is a feeling which is felt by the phone with the help of the imputed voltage. In the device there is a controller that converts this stimulus to something the computer or devices can understand, then with the help of a software it obeys. This is The Secret behind the Touch Screen phone.

Most times when our phone gets wet, it is difficult to control because the water is transmitting the voltage to various places at ones making it difficult for the controller to obtain the information or the place we just touch. This is a major disadvantage of the Touch Screen phones because when they are wet, they are almost useless.

Hope we have been enlighten you on The Secret behind the Touch Screen phone, please also enlighten others by sharing this article.

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