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Rolexkash Legit or Scam Review



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Like I will always say, the internet is filled with Income Programs. There are lot of Income Programs that surface online, you really can’t count them for now. The main problem is, “Which of them is Legit or Scam? This is a question that is very difficult to answer because some of these Program are like “Lions in Sheep Clothings” (Permit me for using that Phrase). It takes a Review and also head knowledge for one to know if a Program is Scam or Legit. You are about reading what I call Rolexkash Legit or Scam Review.

After reading this Rolexkash Review, it might help you on how to go about this Program. Just read every line carefully.

What is Rolexkash? – Rolexkash Review is a golden membership blog that was created by young entrepreneurs with the the aim of allowing people (mostly nigerians) to invest, work and earn money online while been updated with stories, poems,  trends ,events and real-time happenings from around nigeria and beyond.

It is also a Platform that creates services (which include: Commenting, Reading of News and Referals) for people to Accomplish and get paid.

You want to know more about this Rolexkash? Find out as you continue to read this Rolexkash Legit or Scam Review.

How to Join Rolexkash Program

You don’t need much time to join this program. In less than some minutes you can become a member. All you have to do is to get a Coupon Code.

Registration for Rolexkash Program is One Thousand Five Hundred Naira (N1500).

The Big question i “How can I earn from Rolexkash Program” Don’t worry the next heading will answer that question.

Rolexkash Legit or Scam Review

How to Earn on Rolexkash Earning Plan

All these programs have something in common, their earning pattern is usually the same. Try reading Giftalworld Review and Also Atpays Review, you will understand what I am saying. Nevertheless, lets see how to earn from this Program. Below are some of the ways you can earn:


When you have Successfully become a member, you will be receive five hundred (500) rolex points for free. This 500 rolex point is equivalent to five hundred naira (N500)

Note: You can either activate your rolexkash affiliate account with coupon code, to sign up, copy paste ur copon code/pin in the space provided on sign up, then click verify to check your code, then click next, fill the form and place your order, to get with coupon code/pin. Although you have to meet a Coupon code vendor to get Coupon code.


Imagine the fact that you earn daily just for login in. When you login to your Rolexkash account to do anything whether posting of articles, reading other articles or even sharing posts, anything you do just login in a day gives you one hundred naira (N100) immediately. That is to say, if you login for a month you are getting N3100. Wow, this is getting interesting.


Some people might not know how this works, I will explain. When you cajole someone to join this program, and they join at last, you will automatically get 55% of the sign up payment, which is approximated to be nine hundred naira (N900). N900 for a person, what if I am so patient and refer 15 persons which means I’m getting about N13,500 right? It is now sounding Crafty. Although referral is optional.

Rolexkash Review

N/B: Sign up payment for this Program is One Thousand Five Hundred naira (N1500).


You will get as much as two hundred naira (N200) if you post sponsored post to your Facebook timeline.


This part amazes me. When you write a testimony, when they say testimony, they mean attesting. You will get N100 for any of your testimony that is approved.


Two Naira (N2) for news reading and Five Naira (N5) for each comment you make. You can read and comment as you like but once in a particular post is the only criteria.


You don’t just get money by reading people’s article, you can also get money by posting your own article. You get One Hundred Naira (N100) for any interesting and captivating post you make.


Rolexkash also base on investment. Where you invest and they trade for you, giving you your capital and Profit in 28 days. How do they do it? They invest your money in Binary trading, Forex trading etc. My question is “what if the trade don’t favour them, will they still give you both your Profit and Capital?

How to Withdraw from Rolexkash Program

Withdrawal is done every Wednesday by 12pm to 3pm and one can withdraw a minimum of Nine Hundred naira (N900) for referral and a minimum of Three Thousand Five Hundred Naira (N3500) for non referral.

Rolexkash Legit or Scam Review

N/B: This Review is Based on Wasplight’s View.

If you have been following the Article carefully, you will know my opinion on this program. Left for me, I don’t trust this Program. Because most program like this are usually a Scam at the end but at first they might pay.

I can’t really say if Rolexkash Program is a Scam. But you can help me develop Rolexkash Legit or Scam Review by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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