Racksterly Legit or Scam Review

Racksterly Income Program
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The internet everyday is filled with Income Program as I will always say. I just came online on WhatsApp and a friend of my told me “Have you heard of Racksterly? I decided to find out about this Income program and to write what is known as Racksterly Review. This program just came to limelight in the internet just of a recent, so you have to read this article carefully to get the full gist. Racksterly Legit or Scam Review serves as an eye opener or a guide to those that will want to join the program.

Disclaimer: I am not paid to write this article neither I am an affiliate or Promoter of Racksterly Income Program. I decided to write this as an insight to people like you on the quest of searching for Information.
Racksterly Income Program

What is Racksterly Income Program – Racksterly Review

This is an advertising platform or program that are being paid by top companies to advertise their products and services. Then Racksterly look for individuals to help them complete the task. Racksterly is another Income Program but not as Atpays Income Program or ViralTrend Income Program. In this program you make use of your Facebook Account to do the work.

If you know about Google Adsense then it will be quite easy explaining this to you. Racksterly Income Program is just like Google Adsense where you because and member and Ad are run in your site. In Racksterly you don’t need a website but a Facebook Account.

Unlike Google Adsense where you are paid based on Clicks and Impression in Racksterly Income Program you get a fixed amount daily when you sign up for any of the subscription. You may be wondering what is this subscription but don’t worry, it will be explained soon just try to read every line of this article I tagged Racksterly Legit or Scam Review so that you won’t miss anything.

How to Join Racksterly Income Program

Racksterly Income Program Review touches almost every sphere of this Program. Most people will be wondering now “How Can I join” This is a simple process to some extend all you have to do is enter their site Racksterly.co and fill the registration form of which you will be asked questions like

1.) Name: This is your name, it is advised it is the same with your Bank Account name.
2.) Email Address
3.) Phone Number
4.) Bank Account
5.) Password

Below is an image of the questions.
Racksterly Legit or Scam Review

After you have successful join, you are expected to pay what they call Subscription fee.


How does Racksterly Income Program Subscription work

Racksterly Subscription is a monthly plan that users partake in. The good thing is that the quality of your subscription fee, the more you earn. As soon as you subscribe, you will be given an Ad each day of which you will display on your Facebook Timeline and there is a static amount you get per day based on your Subscription.

There are four plans for Subscription they are

1.) Dew –> This is a one month subscription where you pay $18 which in Naira will be about N6500 although the transactions are done in Dollars. With this plan, you will earn $1.2per share/per day till the month comes to an end. That is to say, you will earn $36 in 30 days in Naira about N13000. Quite amazing right?
Racksterly Review

2.) Drizzle –> Racksterly Income Program second subscription plan. This is also a month subscription but the amount here differs from the first plan. In Drizzle plan, you $25 (about N9000) and you stand a chance to get $1.8 per share/ per day till the month ends summing up to $54 for 30 days (one month). In Naira, with this plan you get about N19500 in a month.

3.) Storm –> The Third Plan for Racksterly Subscription here you are expected to pay the sum of $45 (about N16200) as fee then stand a chance of getting $3.5 per day/per share. Which means in 30 days you will get $105 which is equivalent to N38000. Lets get to the final plan.

4 .) Typhoon –> The big plan for big earning. In this last plan, you get to pay $75 (about N27100) for a month and with this you earn a fixed price of $5.6 per day/per share. Since you are earning $5.6 per day, then for a month, which is 30 days you can earn $168 which in Naira will be about N60700. Wow such a money.
Racksterly Income Program Review

Which means you are more than doubling your Capital at the end of any month if you sign up for any plan. Is this real?
Racksterly Legit or Scam Review will see to that very soon just continue reading carefully.

How to Earn on Racksterly Income Program – Racksterly Income Program Legit or Scam Review

The above plans are how to earn on this program but there are more ways to earn it is known as Racksterly income program achievement rewards. This is getting really interesting. Below are other ways to make money in Racksterly:

1. When you get your first referal they reward you with $2.5 (N900)

2. Referring a friend on the same day you subscribed will get you $3 (N1084)

3. Referring 10 people within a month subscription gets youon $45 (N16267)

4. Referring 20 people within a month subscription gets you $80 (N29000)

5 Referring 50 people in a month subscription gets you $150 (N54225)

6. Referring 100 people in a month subscription gets you $350 (N126525)

7 Referrring 3 friends in 1 month sub gets you $10 (N3615)

8. Referring 2 persons on the day your sub ends get you $9 (N3253)

Vital Part

Are you Born again? If the Trumpet is to sound today, where will you spend eternity? This is a call to Salvation… Repent for the Kingdom of God is at Hand.

Criteria to Join Racksterly

This does not have a big Criteria. Like I said, in reading Racksterly Income Program Review you will know much things about this Income Program. The major Criteria is that you should have more than 200 Friends on Facebook and you must add one of their Customer care agent so that your account can be verified.

Some Facts about Racksterly – Racksterly Review

1.) This Program is quite old but it is getting popularity now

2.) It does not need referral to earn and withdraw. Referral is optional here unlike some Income Program

3.) You must not have Fake friends on Facebook just like the friends that give you fake likes.

4.) Subscription can be done with Naira Debit Card.

Racksterly Legit or Scam Review

First and Foremost, Join this Program by Clicking HERE for easy process.

This is the part most people have been waiting for. Do you want to know if this Program is Legit or a Scam? As I said Earlier, my Friend asked me if I have heard of Racksterly Income Program but I said no and I had to make a research. I then asked him, if they pay and he said he knows lot of people that have been paid by the Program. I had to do some discovery and discovered that to some extend, they pay individuals.

I would say Racksterly Income Program is Legit due to things I’m seeing I read online and saw an article written by a Blogger saying they are Legit later on, he was threaten via Email from someone I guess the person was scammed. I can’t really say much about it. Below are screenshot from a member that has been paid.

Despite them paying, don’t be too fast if your mind doesn’t agree then don’t.

You can help improve Racksterly Legit or Scam Review by dropping your Thoughts Below at the Comment Section.

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  1. Racksterly is an amazing business opportunity, I’ve been doing this for a while now and I’ve been getting paid. I’ pretty sure it will last for many more years to come

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