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Peerfly Affiliate Network – Quick Review



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There are lot of Affiliate Network all over, but which is the best or which of them is classified as the best by Review. I made some research in order to present to you one of the best of all affiliate network. Peerfly Affiliate Network is among the world’s best Network (maybe the best) for Advertisers and Publishers. As a publisher, you can get money through this. Let do a quick review about it.

Peerfly Affiliate Network

What is Peerfly?

This is a Cost Per Action (CPA) affiliate network but not an Affiliate program. You might be confused now. When we mean Affiliate Network, it is like a marketplace for many affiliate programs. What Peerfly does is that they help advertisers advertise their products through publishers that sign up for it. One big benefit of Peerfly is that advertisers only pay for every action completed. Let’s now see some benefits of Peerfly Affiliate Network.

Peerfly Affiliate Network – Benefits to Publishers

This Affiliate Network has a much benefits to publishers. So bloggers are recommended to try this one. Some of the benefits include:

1.) Publisher application are reviewed within 3 days.
2.) They have a Custom Tracking Platform. This helps you know your effort
3.) They have over 2000 live offers.
4.) They guaranteed top payouts.
5.) Notifies the Publisher about any updates to their website.

Also see RevenueWire an Affiliate Program for publishers that helps you monetize your website.

Peerfly Affiliate Network – Benefits to Advertisers

The same way they possess lot of benefits for publishers, they also have some for advertisers. They include.
1.) Advertisers only pay for every action
2.) They help advertisers see publishers
3.) Advertisers don’t pay monthly or annual subscription fee.
4.) Their website is User Friendly.

Method of Payment

Since this is an international company, there method of payments include
Payoneer and others.
As a publisher, you get paid when you have a minimum of 50 $.

How to Sign up as a Publisher

You have to fill the form online before you sign up for Peerfly Affiliate Network as a publisher. But you need to have answer to the following questions

First and Last Name
Company Name
Email and Phone
Zip/Postal Code
After filling the form you will they login after they finish reviewing your request.

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