Oforum Legit or Scam Review

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Lot of Income Programs come to limelight nowadays to the extend you can’t really know which of them is a Scam or which is Legit. Some of these income programs are just interested in getting money from those ignorant users. A Review helps you to have a glimpse of Knowledge about all these Programs. I did some reviews on such Programs. Have you tried reading about Atpays Review or even ViralTrend Review? You are about reading what I tag Oforum Legit or Scam Review.

After Reading this Oforum.ng Review, you can at least know if it is like Giftalworld or Advarnet Program. Please read with all seriousness and be carefully not to miss any line of this article because all lines are important and convey useful information.

What is Oforum? – Oforum.ng Review

According to Oforum themselves, “This is a program with a mission of dealing with financial problems in Nigeria among the youths, students, middle class and whoever that wish to take advantage of earning opportunity and making money online legitimately as it creates the channel for participant to earn passive income on daily basis”.

This is a money making platform or Income Program just like Rolexkash Income (I hope you don’t mind reading the review of Rolexkash) created by VICTEMIGE Technologies (with Corporate Affairs Commission – 2650978) where one can earn by doing some activities which involve Referral, Commenting, Reading News etc.

How to Earn on Oforum – Oforum.ng

Many people like this part of any article that has to do with income programs. In less than some minutes you will know how to earn and how much you can earn on this Program.

First and foremost, there are two ways in which you can earn in Oforum. I will do a kind of detailed explanation on how to earn on the both. The two ways to earn here are.

As an Affiliate

This is the biggest way of earning in this program. Who is an affiliate? This is someone that brings a program to limelight. In this context, this is someone that refers people to become members of Oforum.

You need to cajole anyone you know to join this program and you are in to receive N1000 for anyone you bring. That is to say, if you can bring about 15 persons into this program you can get up to N15000. A great amount of money right? With this amount your Christmas will be more fun. The second means of earning is

As a Participant

This is not like the first way of earning. In this method of earning, you have to engage yourself in some activities that will make you earn. This one is quite stressful become it is not as easy as the first method. Some of the activities you have to accomplish for you to earn as a participant include:

1.) Reading News (Posts): This can give you N5 for any news you read or post you view. That means, if you view 50 posts in a day, you can get N250. Quite poor right? To compare with the other way of making money.

2.) Osharing: When you share Oforum news or post on social media (Facebook) you get N20.

How can I join Oforum – Oforum Legit or Scam Review

Without this section, Oforum Legit or Scam Review is incomplete. You have to pay a start of fee of N1400 as what is being called membership fee. This is a one time payment.

There are two methods of payment which are via Coupon code or using Flutterwave.

Below are names and numbers of people you can communicate with. (N/B: Via WhatsApp Alone)

Adewale – 08114792201

Karo – 08117720265

Paul – 08131267051

Swift – 08164636569

Oforum Legit or Scam Review

This is the most important part of Oforum.ng Review. This is the section where is read about Wasplight Comment on this Income Program.

There are lot of programs that are like this and are scam, they don’t even reign for up to a year and they varnish from the internet. Judging by the way this program is, I can smell something fishy about it. Although I haven’t heard of them scamming anyone.

I will advised that anyone that wants to get involved in this Program should at least be carefully. Thinking about it, making money is so difficult here except when you refer someone.

You can help develop this Oforum.ng Legit or Scam Review by dropping your thought at the comment section below.

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10 Comments on “Oforum Legit or Scam Review”

  1. I have over #1400 but can’t withdraw.
    Telling me payout is #170
    Isn’t even moving.
    Please this is a scam, only earn from referral.

  2. I registered one month ago and I earned about 3255 which is above the minimum withdrawal but unfortunately once I tried to request payout it’s still shows me “you have not reached the minimum withdrawal”
    I think they are scams, indeed!!!

    1. So sorry about that. Thanks for sharing your thought.
      Visit this site regularly to see lot of Reviews on those income Program.

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