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Nylon Production Business in Nigeria – Top Secret



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There are lots of ways one can make money in Nigeria via offline investment. There are lots of persons that were into online platforms and these platforms has failed them a lot, it is high time they looked into Offline Investments. Nylon Production Business is our topic for discussion.

Do you know Business is something that cannot be ignored in anyway and Nylon Production Business is a very good one for people to look into? Since most products needs Nylon for packaging, there is a high demand for this commodity.

Packaging improves image and branding of a product, hence the need for customized nylons, shopping bags is needed. This is a very lucrative business if one can handle it very well.

Nylon Production is an easy one but you need information on how to go about it because you can turn it into a Business and become your own Boss. After reading this our article on Nylon Production Business in Nigeria, you will get some insight.

Insight on The Process of Nylon Production Business

Basically, there are three procedure in the production of Nylon or Polythene bags, they are extruding, cutting and printing. The text below will a better insight on this.

The process of Nylon Production begins with the raw material (B.A.S.F or Escorene) being poured first into the heating and melting unit of the extruder machine. This is then blown under pressure through a medium after it has been transformed into a liquid state.

Thereafter, it is cooled, producing polythene sheets which later become converted to bales ready for cutting and sealing.

Types of Nylon (Polythene Bags)

There are basically two types of Nylon and they are Low density Nylon and High Density Nylon. I will do a brief explanation on both of them for you to know how they look like and what they are.

Low Density Nylon

This type of nylons are used for things like Cloths packaging, bread packaging, water sealing. This type of nylons are used to carry things that don’t have much weight. Dry cleaners always use this type of polythene bag.

High Density Nylon

This one carries goods that have much weight. Because of their weight, they can make noise when squeezed. Due to their qualities (strength, versatility and durability), they can be used to carry heavier things. They are used as garbage bag, packaging disposables and others.

Things to do before Starting a Nylon Production Business

Before starting a Nylon Production Business in Nigeria, there are some things you need to consider first. Once you can put these things you other, then you can get started with the next step. Below are the things to do first;

Get Knowledge/Experience

This is a lucrative business but before going into this business, you need knowledge of it and also experience. Like they say, “Knowledge is Power”, when you have acquired lots of knowledge on how to go about Nylon Production Business in Nigeria, you can think on getting started.

You can attend a seminar or even work for someone that runs a factory so that you will get some needed information and experience for you to kick start yours. Since the world is becoming digitalized, you can continue your learning also online by checking our videos on YouTube.

Get Capital

All businesses need capital to get started. Without this, I don’t think any business can start. Finance is necessary when you want to go into this business although the bigger the scale you want, the more money you need to put in.

You need income for land you will use, price of this will depend on your location as you know lots of places have their own price of land. You need electricity and generator. Also equipment is needed. You can budget N15 million and above for this business. This covers for everything needed for the operation.

Get a Land

You need a place for your factory to be located. It is advised you find a location that is close to your raw materials and the market as this will save you the cost of transportation.

Considering all the equipment, one should have a big space or land.

Know your Market

You need to know your niche or your target. You need to carryout a market survey, know who you want to sell to and this should be done in respective to the location you have chosen. Your targeted markets should be places like;

Water Production Company
Eateries and restaurants
Marketers etc

Hire Employees

Installation of the equipment is the number one thing you should consider after buying them. Good engineer are needed for this. Also staff such as drivers, operator, product manager etc are needed as this will help lighten the work load off one person.

Since you have known the things you need to do before getting started with Nylon Production Business in Nigeria, the next thing you should know is things you need for this business.

Resources Needed for Nylon Production Business in Nigeria

Raw Material

You need Escorene, Dow, Master Berg as raw materials. There are all by products of petroleum. Master Berg is the colouring agent that brings about the colours of nylon. Dow or Escorene is what is poured into the heating unit of the extruder machine.


Extruder Blowing Machine: This is responsible for the production of nylon by converting the raw material required for the process first into liquid, then to polythene sheets, and which can be then be moulded into the desired density and colour.

Nylon Cutting Machine: As the name implies, this machine is responsible for cutting the polythene into various desired sizes.

Punching Machine: This machine punches holes of variojs shapes which will serves as handles.

Printing Machine: You need to create design or add a name to your nylon for people to know about your brand.

These are the basic things needed for you to start Nylon Production Business in Nigeria. Since this is a lucrative business, one can venture into it and become a boss on their own and start employing youths and take them off the street.

That is all for our article on Nylon Production Business, you can add a comment in the comment section for all to know your thought about this business also.

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