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Nutritional Benefits of Insects as Food



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Not always do we need to feed on crops as our diet but sometimes, we need to feed on insects. It sounds crazy right? There are million species of insects in the universe present, but which of them is nutritious to the body is my aim for preparing this article. Nutritional Benefits of Insects as food is not something strange because around the globe, lot of people feed from insect. But maybe because you don’t know the value that’s why you don’t feed on it too.

Entomophagy is the practice of people or individuals feeding on insects. Why do they do that? Not because they want to, but because the nutritional benefits it has in the human system. Do you know insects are better than some cash crops? Let me do some briefings on what an insect is.

An insect according to English Dictionary is an arthropod in the class insect, characterized by six legs, up to four wings and a chitinous exoskeleton. They have different means of locomotion which involve flying, walking, swimming etc. Examples of insects are Ants, Bees, Wasps, Grasshopper…

These little creatures serve humanity in various ways, if I start mentioning them I will get exhausted. One of such ways is what I tagged Nutritional Benefits of Insects as human diet.

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The most consumed insect is beetle followed by Caterpillars, Wasps, Bee, Ant, Crickets. All these and many more are edible for human consumption. Unlike some foods when processed they loss some of their Nutritional Benefits but the Nutritional Benefits of Insects don’t reduce so much when processed. Below are some insects with their Nutritional Benefits that might or will thrill you.

Nutritional Benefits of Insects

1.) Locust:

Nutritional Benefits of Insects

These are specie of short horned grasshoppers. This insects are edible because various cultures throughout the support in the consumption of it.

Method of Preparation

It can be served cooked, fried smoked or even dried.

Nutrient derived

– Locusts are rich in protein
– They provide fat (cholesterol) to the body
– This insects are rich in Palmitoleic, oleic and linolenic acids. All of which are fatty acid.

2.) Bees:

They are flying insect that are related to wasp and ants. Bees play a major role in pollination, without their role in pollination, most plant won’t grow. Apart from the fact that they produce honey which has so many functions in the body that include:

– Honey can serve as an Antibiotic
– It can also be used to treat cancer.

Apart from all these functions, they also are edible insect.

Method of Preparation

Botok tawon an Indonesian dish, bee laavae are eaten as a companion to rice after mixed with shredded coconut, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed.

Nutrient Derived

It is a high source of Carbohydrate
It is a source of some mineral which include: Potassium, Iron, Zinc and Magnesium.

3.) Ants:

This does not need much explain on what it is because almost everyone knows what ants are and how they look like. These little creatures have dominated almost all the landscape of the earth doing their job. One unique thing about them is that they are coordinated. Not just that, when we talk about Nutritional Benefits of Insects and we fail to add the insect “Ant” then it is quite incomplete.

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Method of Preparation

– Atta laevigata is a locally made food from ant that is toasted alive and eaten.

– Also, a paste of green weaver ant is served as a condiment with curry.

Nutrient Derived

– They are high in Calcium
– It is also a major source of protein.

All these little creatures and so many more are involve in the Nutritional Benefits of Insects. Some people even advised the consumption of these insect (if they are well prepared) to the consumption of beef. You should try one of these diets.
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