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Nutritional and Health Benefits of Eating Tuwo Shinkafa



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Without Food, the human body can hardly perform most of its function. Eating does not mean eating anything because you won’t get complete Nutritional benefits from all foods. Good food gives you all nutritional benefits and helps your body looks fresh and health. What then are these good foods? Africans are known for their nice meal especially Nigerians. I guess you have heard of Tuwo Shinkafa. This is a Nigerian meal with lots of Nutritional Benefits that I guess you don’t know it has. After reading this Health Benefits of Eating Tuwo Shinkafa, you will tend to love the food more and eat it more. Let’s get started with the details you wish to know.

What is Tuwo Shinkafa

This is a Nigerian Meal eaten mostly by the Northerner. It is a thick pudding prepared from a local rice or maize or even millet that is soft and sticky. It is usually eaten with different types of soups such as Miyan kuka, Miyan Taushe, Okra soup and lots more.

This food is like a grounded rice that now looks like swallow. So in place of Garri and Fufu, this food can be taken but like I said, the Northerners in Nigeria are the lovers of this food.

Ingredients for Tuwo Shinkafa

The ingredient for this food few and they make up the Health Benefits of Eating Tuwo Shinkafa. There are just two ingredient and they are;
1. Local Rice (usually soft)
2. Water

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How to Make Tuwo Shinkafa

This is a simple process, just follow the steps below and see to your Tuwo Shinkafa being made. The steps are;
1. Wash the Rice
2. Put the Rice in a pot and add water
3. When the rice is done (it can be mashed by your finger easily) then it off the stove.
4. Mash the rice in a wooden Spatula till all particles become so small.
5. Allow it cool and then serve with any preferred soup.

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Health Benefits of Eating Tuwo Shinkafa

This is the most vital part of this article and I guess that is why you are in this blog reading this article. The soup taken while eating this meal has its own part to play when it comes to the Benefits of Eating Tuwo Shinkafa. But this meal also has its own benefits, below are the Benefits of Eating Tuwo Shinkafa;

1. Source of Carbohydrate: Since it is made from Rice, it is also a source of Carbohydrate. This Nutritional benefits helps give energy to the body and helps you perform work.

2. Improves Digestive Function: It is also known for this, it helps your body digestive system functions very well.

3. Reduces Stomach Acidity

4. Prevents Constipation

There are other Benefits of Tuwo Shinkafa that has not being mentioned here. The soup also matters when it come to Nutritional Benefits of Tuwo Shinkafa.

Soups taken with Tuwo Shinkafa

1. Okra Soup
2. Miyan Taushe
3. Miyan Kuka

You can help improve this Health Benefits of Eating Tuwo Shinkafa by dropping a comment below. You can tell us how it tastes to you.

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