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Nnuforum.com V2 Legit or Scam Review

Nnuforum V2
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There are lot of websites that can be described as a scam. You won’t know which Website or Ponzi scheme is a scam or Legit until there is a thorough review of such site. NNU Income Program V1 was functioning but all of a sudden it stopped. Lot of people were not paid in the last NNU Income Program. I present to yoy a new Scheme from Nnu. This is Nnuforum V2. Is Nnuforum V2 a Scam? This is a question most Nigerians will ask because they fell victim to the recent one. You will find some important information that will help give an answer to that question after reading
Nnuforum.com V2 Legit or Scam Review.

Nnuforum V2

What is Nnuforum V2

This is a forum that is almost like Nairaland where everyone can take part in every discussion about any issue. Everyone can post and comment on every post. Everyone can advertise and share opportunities. This is a different method unlike the first Nnu Program. This offers you a platform where you get paid after accomplishing a specific task or indulging in a task.

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There are lot of people already rushing into this Program because they have the feeling those that start early are mostly paid. Let’s see how to Join Nnuforum V2.

How to Register for Nnuforum V2 – Nnuforum.com V2 Review.

Registering for Nnuforum V2 is an easy task for someone to accomplish with ease in less than no time. Below are steps on how to Join this Program.

1.) Visit their website (www.nnuforum.com)

2.) Click on Register

3.) Fill the form provided correctly. Below is an image of the questions in the form.

Nnuforum.com V2 Legit or Scam Review

4.) After filling the form, click on Make Payments

N/B: You are expected to pay the sum of N1,400 to Register.


5.) You will be redirected to PayStack to complete or make payment. (While filling the form, on Payment Method, click on PayStack)

6.) After completing the above process, you are now a member of Nnuforum V2, you can start making cash via your activities there.

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Methods on How to Make Money through Nnuforum V2.

According to the website,

Making ₦10,000 – ₦50,000 on NNU Income is 100% sure and guarantee monthly if you join us today, understand the concept and take action. With one time payment of only ₦1,400, a lot of Nigerians have been earning ₦50,000 – ₦100,000 monthly on NNU Income Program.

It’s profitable, sustainable, convincing and suitable for whoever that wish to take advantage of online earning opportunity as it creates the channel for participant to earn extra income from home with our affiliate system.

This forum is a money making money that all should like to join but the question is how do you go about making money. Below again are ways to make money through this program.

1.) Active Daily Login

2.) Viewing Forum Topics

3.) Nice Comments

4.) Posting Topics

5.) Sharing Post on Social Media

6.) Most important via Referral.

This is a summary of how much you get paid for doing the above task.

Affiliate commission: 71.5% = N1,000

Agent / Distributors: 15% = N200 profit

Daily Login: N50

View Forum Topics: N10

Join Discussion: N20

Posting Relevant Topics: N200 – N1,000

Viral share on Facebook or other Social Media: N100


How Much Can I Withdraw From Nnuforum V2

Withdrawal Threshold: N5,000 – Referral or no referral. Unlike some Programs that request you make a referral before payment. Nnuforum V2 don’t emphasize on that. You can withdraw with or without Referral.

Nnuforum.com V2 Legit or Scam Review

The previous version of Nnu stopped when people participating were too much. Does this mean the Previous version is a Scam? To some extend it is.

Nnuforum.com V2 Legit or Scam Review according to Wasplight Opinion is that it might crash just like the first. I would advised that once it is late, no one should join this Program because that was the cause of the previous program crash.


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