Nigerian doll Bobrisky gets a new name

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There has been so much happenings in Nigeria. Both in our Political sector, Educational sector and so on. The one that thrills most people is Nigerian Celebrities and their lifestyle.

Bobrisky a popular cross dresser is at it again. This Male being claiming to be a female has been a disgrace a some Nigerians. Some call him “A Fool” while some say he is just living life. Bobrisky has allegedly given himself a new female name which is ‘Adufe’.

The name ‘Adufe’ according to him means someone who is wanted by most and is like, he also urges his followers to feel free to address him as Adufeloma.

In a now viral Instagram video, Bobrisky was captured saying “Adufe simply means they are rushing you, everybody wants to date you, everybody wants…. They want to feel you”.

He also said that a follower suggested the name to him and he liked it.

Is Bobrisky a shame to manhood? Drop your comments below…

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3 Comments on “Nigerian doll Bobrisky gets a new name”

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