Nextlevelpay Legit or Scam Review

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This year again, Income Programs are already surfacing the internet. There were lot of Reviews done last year about Income Programs and now the year is just starting and new ones are being discovered. Review is what you are about reading. This article will answer some questions about this Program (e.g. Nextlevelpay Legit or Scam Review). Just be carefully to read every lines of this Nextlevelpay Review.

Disclaimer: Wasplight is not being paid to write this article neither in anyway am I trying to Promote this Program. This article is just a discovery that I want my audience (you) to see.

What is Nextlevelpay? – Review

This is another Income Program just like Racksterly, Mulabux and Giftalworld. Unlike the others that you are required to either refer or do some activities to earn here in Nextlevelpay it is quite different. This is a kind of investment where you put in money and get back 200% of your investment.

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In when you invest the sum of N5000 you will receive the sum of N10000 as your earning making it double (x2) of your investment. Sounds great right? Please continue reading this article carefully to get the full information.

This Program is similar with MMM (an income program that has crashed) The big question is “Will Nextlevelpay Crash?

Vital Information

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How does Nextlevelpay Work – Nextlevelpay Review

This Program practices (or claim to practice) what is being called “Give and it shall be given unto you”. As soon as you become a participant or member of this Program, you will choose a sum of money from their Investment Package (it will be discussed soon) and pay that money to another user, then automatically, you will receive two people that will pay that same amount each to you and then you are being removed but allowed to choose a package again.

The above description is confusing to some extend let me try to break this thing down by numbering the steps involved on How Nextlevelpay Works.

1.) You join the Program

2.) The system automatically gives you another user so that you can donate a certain amount (from any of the Investment package) to the person.

3.) Once you have donated, you will submit the payment receipt.

4.) The user (the one you donated to) will then confirm your donation.

5.) The system then automatically gives you 2 persons to donate the same amount you donated to you. That is, if you donated N5000, then you will get N10000.

6.) Once you have donated and received your own gain, the system will exit you from the platform.

7.) Once you are removed (exited) you can invest again. Just like starting afresh.

Nextlevelpay Investment Packages

There are four different investment packages that users are to choose from. They are listed below.

1.) Kids Package: Here you invest with the sum of N5000 and earn N10000 in 24hrs – 7 days

2.) Teenagers Package: This is a bit higher. You are to invest with the sum of N10000 and earn N20000 in 24hrs – 7 days
Nextlevelpay Review

3.) Adults Package: I don’t know why they used the ranges of human age in doing their investment package. In this Adult Package, you pay N20000 and earn N40000 within 24hrs – 7 days.
Nextlevelpay Legit or Scam Review

4.) Elders Package: Being the last package. Here you invest N50000 and earn N100000 within 24hrs – 7 days.

Nextlevelpay Legit or Scam Review

Next Level Payment is designed to stay permanently like every other E-Commerce platform, when you get tired of receiving donations, you quit and those who are not tired will continue to receive.

The above statement was quoted from their website. I really don’t believe they will stay permanently. If you analyst the site, you will notice they are quite not professional also, there is no record of the owner of the Program. When you click on their About Us page, the information there is just a description of the Program but the founder is not there.

I can’t really say if this is a Scam or a Legit Program but on my opinion, they cannot be trusted. Just like MMM, programs like this are at high percentage to crash.

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