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Negative Effects of Sugar in the Body



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We add it to tea, use it during baking, we consume it through various Carbohydrate sources. Sometimes or probably most times it is added to various snacks and treats. Without looking at the title of this article you must be wondering what this unknown ingredient that is rampant in usage is. It is your beloved Sugar.

These small crystal obtained from Sugar cane has been used to add as people say “Taste to foods and drinks”.

Negative Effects of Sugar

Some people are so addictive to sugar the same way some are to alcohol. According to some studies, it is believed that Americans are now consuming 126 grams of sugar that is about 32 teaspoons of sugar per day .(According to Euromonitor’s study quoted by The Washington Post).

It is not a crime or against medical standard to eat Sugar but the quantity taken is the real deal. When consumed in large quantity, sugar becomes the new alcohol. This article is not aim at frightening you but it serves as an awareness for you to curtail your intake of sugar because this sweet ingredient can also serve as poison to the body. We have bad news for lovers of sugar.

The human body is not made to consume much sugar especially sugar in form of Fructose. This poses a threat to our entire System.

Let me now explicitly enlighten you on the on the Negative Effects of Sugar. I went through research and did some observation on some detrimental effect of this little crystal.

Negative Effects of Sugar

1.) Increase the risk of Diabetes

The rate of Diabetes is so much and it’s increasing daily. Aged individuals now suffer more from this deadly disease. It is because of the too much in-take of sugar. Insulin resistance causes blood sugar levels to rise making it a factor for Diabetes. Insulin is a hormone secreted by the Pancreas.

Also obese individuals suffer from Diabetes and what causes Obesity? Sugar is the main cause. When we talk of the word sugar not just that crystal but sweet drinks, food containing much starch etc.

2.) Makes you become old prematurely

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Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) are compounds formed by reactions between sugar and protein in the body. And they most likely play the main role for skin aging. If you consume too much sugar or diets high in refined sugar, it leads to the production of AGEs. Getting old is something that will eventually happen to everyone when they attain a certain age. But if you keep on with the intake of much sugar then you might start seeing winkles even while still young. This is among one of the hated Negative Effects of Sugar. Old age reduces brain retentivity.

3.) It damages your Liver

The liver is an organ that stores, metabolizes nutrients and also destroy toxins. It is responsible for thousands of biochemical reaction. When sugar is consumed, the liver is the only transporter of sugar. When it does it for so many things it is then overloaded. Just as taking much alcohol overload the liver, sugar also does the same thing.

4.) Causes Depression

This is a psychological issues but sugar also plays a role in it. In a study published in the Journal of Depression and Anxiety, data were taken to show the relationship between Sugar consumption and depression. The result was that higher rates of sugar consumption correlates with higher rates of depression. In another study it was also confirmed to be true but that higher rate of consumption of natural sugar like fruits are not related or associated with depression. People might think depression is not among the Negative Effects of Sugar but it is.

5.) May Cause Heart Disease

Since too much sugar can cause many disease, heart disease is not an exception. Heart disease kills faster than imagined if not taken care of. Once the heart stops pumping blood, the human dies within seconds.

Consuming much sugar has been linked to atherosclerosis, a disease characterized by fatty, artery-clogging deposits. Obesity is another risk factor of heart disease. Please don’t be fat, avoid sugar.

6.) May lead to Cancer

Obesity plays a key role in so many body disease and cancer is one of them. Too much sugar leads to obesity and obesity might lead to cancer. Cancer starts from a cells and replicate. Excessive sugar can lead to esophageal cancer and also cancer of the small intestine.

See drinks that cause Cancer.

7.) Leading to PCOS

PCOS means Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. In PCOS a hormone imbalanced causes undeveloped follicle on the ovaries. Women with PCOS have increased insulin resistance. According to Dr. Glenville,

Any woman who suffer from PCOS have insulin resistance. Insulin is released by the pancreas to convert sugar to energy. Once we consume much sugar more insulin is released leading to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is linked to issues with ovulation, maturation of egg. And also puts women at a much higher risk of having a miscarriage.

8.) Causes Tooth decay

This can also be called tooth cavity. This is the presence of a hole in a tooth, it is caused by bacteria that feeds on sugar contents stuck in the tooth. It causes great pain and discomfort.

9.) Increases uric acid level

High uric acid levels are risk factors for heart and kidney disease. Too much sugar increase uric acid level.

10.) Might lead to death

Sugar itself don’t lead to death but the disease it causes if they are not treated adequately can lead to the death of the victim. Cancer which is one of the Negative Effects of Sugar, is rated as one of the world most deadly disease.

We have said a lot about the detrimental effect of sugar. But what are the sources of sugar around us? According to “Below is a list of different raw materials containing sugar that you should avoid.

Agave nectar
Beet Sugar
Brown rice syrup
Brown sugar
Coconut sugar
Sucrose etc.

How to Manage the Consumption of Sugar

There are so many ways to manage or limit your sugar consumption but I will list just few that will help.

1.) If you need something sweet it is better you take fruits instead of candies and treats.

2.) Take water instead of Sodas and energy drinks

3.) Reduce the intake of Carbohydrate meals

4.) Instead of Artificial sweeteners like Saccharin and Aspartame it is better to use Stevia.

These are all the Negative Effects of Sugar and how to manage the consumption of sugar we can enlighten you on. Please do not take much sugar as it can cause damage to your body. Sugar is like alcohol, avoid them.

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