Nasarawa State Raping – A Wicked Act

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In less than a week, Nasarawa State has recorded two rape cases. The most annoying part of these rape cases is that their victims are little girls that are barely in their puberty age.
Last week, a man named Abubakar was alleged to have defilled 12 years old Rukayat Musa in keana Local Government of Nasarawa State. How unjust it is to rape a 12years old girl.
Rukayat’s uncle, Muhammed narrated that Mr. Abubakar a teacher in the area dragged his little victim into his friend’s room, tied her and forcefully slept with her. He also added that “It was on Monday 23rd that she was sent to collect a cell phone from a commercial charging point. While on her way, the teacher named Abubakar called her with the intention of sending her somewhere else. He led her into a room, the little girl not knowing what his motive was, before she knew it, he grabbed her, unclothed her and tied her mouth. While in the process, she started bleeding, when Mr. Abubakar saw she was bleeding, he used pamper to control the flow of blood.
He threatened to kill her if she dares to tell anyone. He told the girl to say to anyone that asks her that it was Fulani people. Mr Abubakar has been arrested and is in police custody.

Not just that, also in Nasarawa State, a 13 years old girl was raped by her biological father and was impregnated by him. What a shame this would be. You won’t believe what the mother did to the child. The mother poisoned her to cover the shame this will bring to the father.

The girl was immediately rushed to a general hospital in Nasarawa State which prevented her from dying, but she lost the pregnancy.
The parents have been arrested. What kind of evil world do we love in. But the big question is will this two little kids get the justice they deserve?

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