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Nairaquest Review – Will this turn out a Scam?

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There are thousands of ways one can earn money online and the truth is that Income Program is dominating. The reason why these Income Programs dominate might be due to the National Lockdown that has caused lots of Individuals to stay at home. But the big question is what will happen after the lockdown then? Have you heard of Nairaquest Income Program? There are lots of things you need to know about this Income Program and this Nairaquest Review will help you get some information. Is this a scamming site? See Wasplight.com opinion.

Be careful to read all lines of this article because they are convey vital information about this new Income Program. Make sure not to skip a line. Let’s get started.

Disclaimer: Wasplight.com is not being paid for writing this Review. I am not trying to promote this Income Program neither am I trying to tarnish their online reputation. This piece of writing serves as a guide to aspiring members of the Program.

About Nairaquest Income Program

This is an incorporated organization and also a register e-commerce website. E-commerce in the sense that money can be made while using this site. Nairaquest is an Income Program that enables individuals earn cool cash once they complete or do the Nairaquest Registration. Not only that, this platform also delivers legitimate services and keeps users entertained.

Nairaquest.com serves two purposes, as a source of News and also as a way of money making for those that want to take advantage of the opportunity created by the website.

This website (www.nairaquest.com) was created on the 25th of April, 2020. That means as at the time of writing this review, this Income is 30 Days old. Based on the domain age, this Income Program is a new platform.

How Does Nairaquest Work?

Just like other Income Programs, you are being paid a certain amount when you perform tasks after the Nairaquest Registration. Some of the tasks that you are to complete for you to earn include Reading News, Sharing Sponsored Posts, Commenting and also Referral. But don’t forget you have to pay a one time registration fee. This Program also promise a daily payment. There are many ways of benefiting in this platform and they will be discussed in the next header.

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How to Earn on Nairaquest Income Program

Different task has different price tag attached to it and by doing it, you add the price tag to your account. Below is a break down on what to do and how to earn on this Platform.

1. Commenting: You get 50 points when you discuss in any post.

2. Reading News: This also gives you 50 points.

3. Registration Bonus: You get 2000 points and also 500 as extra welcome bonus as soon as you join the platform. This is an example of activity earnings.

4. Daily Login: You get 250 points for any day you login to your account.

5. Sharing Sponsored Posts: For any Sponsored post you share to your Facebook, 100 points is added.

6. Referral: If any one uses your referral link to do Nairaquest Registration, you are given N1000. That means N3000 can be yours if you can refer 3 persons.

7. Airtime can be won and also cash prizes on a weekly basis via their Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter.

Nairaquest Review

The website looks like other Income Program, there is no unique different. They promise to pay daily. Since this Income Program is still new, there is a high possibility that they will be paying. Find out more information under the header. (Summary of Nairaquest Review).

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Vital Information

God so love the world that He sent His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him will not Perish but have everlasting Life. Will you have everlasting Life? Repent today, accept Christ as your Lord and Personal Saviour so that you can be saved.

How to Join – Nairaquest Registration

The Registration Fee for this Website is N2000 and it is a one time payment. That means it is non-renewable. Doing the Nairaquest Registration is a simple process and I will list them down.

1. Visit the site (www.nairaquest.com)

2. Get Coupon Code

3. Visit their Registration Page

4. Fill your details correctly.

5. Input Coupon Code.

6. Congrats, you are now a member

Nairaquest Login

Nairaquest Login is a simple thing to do, all you have to do is to visit their website. Then click on Login, input your details (Username and Password) correctly and then you are into your account.

Nairaquest Withdrawal

Affiliate or Referral earnings are paid daily in less than 7hours after request for withdrawal has been made. The minimum amount to be paid is N3000
Activity earners can request for withdrawal when their earnings is N5000.

Activity earners are paid every two weeks. You also need to share sponsored posts else your withdrawal might be decline. N/B: 30000points = N5000.

Summary Nairaquest Review

Since the emergence of this Income Program till date, there is no record of scamming activities. Wasplight.com has not heard or seen any where that they are a scamming site. But no one knows tomorrow.

Another fact that amaze me is that the CEO of this site’s name is there on the platform unlike most program. This is a thumbs up.

Wasplight.com frowns at the fact that the owner of this site purchased a One Year Domain. Getting a two or three year’s domain gives your site the trust of staying long. I really don’t know how long this site will stay but I don’t think it will stay too long.

Is Nairaquest Legit?

As at the time of writing this article, no fraudulent act has being reported to Wasplight.com this shows that the Program is Legit as at the time of writing this Review. Although no one knows what will happen tomorrow. If you feel this Program is a Scam, you can do well to drop your thought at the comment section below.

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Is Nairaquest a Scam?

Since no report had been heard from any user of this site. As at the time of writing this article, this is not a Scam. Remember, a Site can be Legit today and a Scam tomorrow.

You can help Wasplight.com develop this Nairaquest Review by dropping a comment below because your comment can really be of help to aspiring members of this money making platform.

6 Replies to “Nairaquest Review – Will this turn out a Scam?”

  • Am not a member of this website ٫am about to join when i found ur review ٫i think they are real….cuz they paid a my friend…..and he hasn’t referred ….i also search online ٫no scam has been recorded….cuz giftalworld has fucked me up today….they said they are here to stay😰😓God will purnish Ebright٫

  • Nairaquest has paid me twice..i feel it real…amd the owner is sincere..she doesn’t hide herself ….i had also won airtime giveaway from them tooo…for now…they are legit

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