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Na Dem – The Originator of this Phrase



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In Nigeria almost Every month different things keep on trending. In social media there has been so many things trending through out the month like early this year #10 years Challenge was the trending topic for all. Now another thing is here Na Dem is a phrase that is been used by most of the celebrities in Twitter. The question is who is The Originator of Na Dem.

The Originator of Na Dem

Just like Charles Inojie brought out the Na Dem dey rush us through one of his roles in a drama. This slang or Phrase was brought by someone. This person is still not too known at the time of this writing this article. But I learnt he is a Celebrity.

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With the excess usage of the word we can hardly find out the Originator.

Example of the word usage

“Come it will pay you 8x your deposit, #Na Dem”

” You will all pass this course it is very easy, #Na Dem”.

Below are screenshots of the usage of this word.

Na Dem

The Originator of Na Dem

If you think you know The Originator of Na Dem you can drop it below or you can still drop your own statement with #Na Dem.

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