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MyPay247 Review – Legit, Scam or Crashed? Read before Joining!!!

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The global pandemic (Covid-19) has left lots of persons jobless because there is a National lockdown that made almost all sectors stop working. Do you know that the internet is barely affected by this Pandemic? I know in some way or the other, some online platforms might be affected but when it comes to Income Programs and Investment Platforms, they are rarely affected. Please continue to stay safe, follow all protective measures. Welcome to Wasplight.com where you get lots of authentic Reviews about Income Program, Investment platforms and some Apps. Have you heard of MyPay247 I guess you must have heard of it that is why you are in this blog reading this article at this time. After reading this MyPay247 Review otherwise known as known as MyPay247.com Review you will tend to know more about this platform and how it works.

Try not to skip any line of this article because they all convey vital information. You might miss a needed information when you skip a line. Let’s get started with the Review.

Disclaimer: Wasplight.com is not being paid to write this review. I am not trying to promote this Income Program neither am I trying to tarnish their online reputation. This piece of writing serves as a guide to aspiring members of this Platform.

About MyPay247.com

MyPay247 is a nonprofit charitable platform dedicated to the growth and development of the people, we believe the sole aim of human existence is to help one another. The principle of nature is that; when you give, you receive in multiple folds”.

The above information was seen on their platform and describes what the program is all about. This is a newly launched site (not more than a month) whose aim is to help their users. On this platform, you earn some cash by donating to follow users of this platform.

This is not an Income Program where you get to read news, comment on articles, share sponsored posts and stuffs like that, here all you have to do is to donate some cash to members and get double of your donation in return. (Please read the disclaimer above).

With this high rise of earning platforms online, scammers also get their own platform to scam victims. This is the reason most Nigerians don’t get involved in Income Programs. A Review can help you know to some extend the authenticity of a site.

Their Domain name (www.mypay247.com) was created on the 1st of June in 2020 (according to reports gotten from Duplichecker.com). That means as at the time of writing this Review, this Program is 29 Days old.. It can still be considered as a new platform because it is not up to two months.

How Does MyPay247.com Work

The above header has explain how this platform works but let me try to break it down better in this header. This platform is a member-to-member platform where you have to donate to a member and in turn get double of your donation in just 24 hours. For instance, if you donate the sum of N2500 to a member of this platform, you get N5000 (double of your donation). After joining this platform, you are to select any amount you can donate, then the system automatically finds donors for you. Referral also helps on this platform, if you refer 2 persons on this platform, instead of getting double of your donation, you will get more than that. For example, if you refer 2 persons and donate the sum of N2500, you will get N7500 instead of N5000.

How to Earn on MyPay247.com

Like I said, this is a member-to member platform, where you get to receive money after you have donated to another member. The amount you donate determines the amount you earn on this platform. There are two ways of earning on this platform.

1. Donating: If you have been following this article closely, you will notice that I have already given information about how this works. Before you can be able to donate, you must complete the free MyPay247 Registration.

2. Referral: Most platforms don’t joke with referral, this platform is not left out. When you refer people on this platform, you increase your chance of earning on the platform.

Vital Information

If the trumpet sounds today, where will you spend eternity? In Heaven or in Hell? Repent because the Kingdom of God is at Hand. No one can say they have not sinned, for all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. Repent today and be save from eternal damnation. Things happening in the world today (covid-19, protest, rape etc.) are just a trailer for what will happen if you are not raptured. Repent!

MyPay247 Review – Mypay247.com Review

Most Nigerians will want to know if this platform is Legit or scam. The truth is that as at the time of writing this article, there are some reports seen. There are some platforms that seem to be paying but end up stop paying after some time (probably crashing). We are not hoping that this becomes a scam but Wasplight.com will advise that if you want to join this platform, make sure to use the least amount and try to cash out on time. One thing that makes a platform to stop paying is much crowd. When there are lots of persons trooping into a platform, the chance of them crashing will be very high.

Please do well to read the Summary of MyPay247 Review more vital information will be shown there.

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How to Join – MyPay247 Registration

MyPay247 Registration is free but you have to make a donation before you can earn. Below are steps you have to take to register on this platform;
1. Visit their website (www.mypay247.com)
2. Click on their Registration Page
3. Provide your information by filling the form
4. After registering, you are expected to login in.

MyPay247 Login

After the Registration, the next time you are expected to do is to Login. When you have successful log into your account, you can now make donation. The details of the person you are donating to will be visibly seen on your dashboard. You are advised to call the person before making donation.

MyPay247 Withdrawal

You get back double of your donation in 24 hours. There are times when the person that is supposed to donate to you refuses, you can click “Not Paid” button then the system will find another donor for you. N/B: Some persons might want to scam you by uploading fake payment proof, if you haven’t seen the donation, click on “Not Seen” then it will automatically move to the disputed transaction for investigation and review.

Red Flags for MyPay247 Platform

If there are lots of Red Flags in a program, the chance of that Income Program being is scam will be too high. Wasplight.com discovered somethings that will be tagged as Red Flags and they are shown below. Note that our Opinion might be wrong but it serves as a guide for you.

1. Unknown Owner: The owner of this site is not seen on the site. Someone must be behind this platform but why is he not seen, we don’t know the reason for this but based on my opinion, an earning platform is supposed to include the name of brain behind it.

2. No Address: What if (probability statement) this site crash, how will you know the address if you want to raise a complaint. Putting any address shows how transparent the site is.

3. Domain Duration: This is not really a red flag but I felt like including this. They just subscribed for a one year domain name although it can be renewed if they wish to do so.

Summary of MyPay247 Review

Some users complained that this platform has crashed but the owners claim that they are facing some issues with their server. Wasplight.com hasn’t confirm if this platform is back on, you can do well to make some other research about the platform before joining.

Comments are important when it comes to Reviews, there might be some information missed, you can add up by including your comments.

Like I said, what makes most platform crash is because of too much crowd on the platform. I can predict when or if this platform will be back or crash, this Review is aimed at guiding you know about the platform. (Please check the Disclaimer). Wasplight.com won’t be held responsible for any act done by this platform, all I would advise is that you should be careful when dealing with MyPay247.

Is MyPay247 Legit?

Some users complained that this platform has crashed but the owners claim that they are facing some issues with their server. Wasplight.com hasn’t confirm if this platform is back on, you can do well to make some other research about the platform before joining.

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Is MyPay247 a Scam?

For now, I won’t advise anyone to join the platform because of some comments seen by users of this platform. Do you feel Wasplight.com has made a mistake, please add your comment below.

You can help Wasplight.com improve this MyPay247 Review by dropping a comment below because your comment can be of help to a user of this Platform.

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