Mulabux Legit or Scam Review – Is this a Scam?

Mulabux Review
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Every day in Nigeria, we see lot of Income Programs that surface the internet. Just last week, I wrote about Racksterly Income Program Review and now another has been discovered. This Income Program so much looks like Racksterly, to some people, these two programs (Racksterly and Mulabux) are competing. I will Tag this article as Mulabux Income Program Review. This nice article will also answer things like Mulabux Legit or Scam Review, How to Create Mulabux Account, How to Earn on Mulabux. Let’s start the Review.

Disclaimer: Wasplight is not being paid to write Reviews like this. This is not a means of promoting this Income Program but it serves as a guide to those that want to get involve in Mulabux.

What is Mulabux – Mulabux Review

This is a performance-driven affiliate Network Start-Up Launched this year (2019). According to the program, they have partnered with popular websites as Our Mechants (Jumia, Konga, Payporte, Kilimall, etc.) to generate revenue from commissions per sales Mulabux direct to them. Then with the help of Members or affiliates that want to make money online, they get to drive more sales to their merchants, resulting in cash flow for members.
Mulabux Review

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The above description or definition is quite confusing let me break it down a bit. Mulabux Income Program is a Program in Nigeria that allows users or members make money through sharing of merchant adverts to their Facebook Timeline just like Racksterly. You should really read my Racksterly Review so that you will know more about this Program. Read it Here.

Mulabux Subscription Plans – Mulabux Legit or Scam Review

The reason for this Subscription plan is that it will make users or members serious with the Program. If there is no Subscription, there will be lukewarm attitude over it.

N/B: These Subscription is a Must before you start the Program.
There are three (3) plans for you to choose from. Which of them will you find fit for you? Below are the plans:


This is a type of Mulabux Subscription plan where you pay the sum of $6 (About N2160). It is a monthly plan where your income is $0.5 (about 180) per day. Summing up your income for the month to be N5400. Reward and Extra Bonuses are included.

N/B: Daily Earning can be overridden and paid before subscription ends. Also, Subscription Extendable for more 30 days with 6 referrals.
15% Referral Bonus


The Second Subscription plan for Mulabux Income Program. Here you pay quite higher than the first subscription. You pay the sum of $15 (about N5400) in 30 days and get $1 (about N360) every day. With $1 daily, you will get $30 (about N10800) in a month.
Here too Reward & Extra Bonuses are included and also Daily Earnings can be overridden and paid before Subscription ends.
Mulabux Legit or Scam Review


The biggest Subscription plan in Mulabux Income Program. You are to pay the sum of $25 (about N9000) in a month (30 days) and you will earn $1.75 daily which is about N18900 in a month.
Mulabux Income Program

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How to Join Mulabux Income Program

It is easy to join a program like this. In less than some minutes, you will become a member just answer some questions that will be asked. Below is a screenshot of what you will fill.

After registering, it doesn’t end there. You are to subscribe on any of the plans I have written above to be in charge of your Dashboard.

After your subscription, browse through their list of products on display for a day then copy a product link. Post the copied link on your Facebook timeline and tag 10 friends or more. That’s all. For every product link posted, you earn real money when your friends click on the link and visit the products page.

How to Earn Money on Mulabux Income Program

To earn nice amount of money, you need to refer people to the program. Although, referral is not compulsory.

N/B: You earn 15% from the plan anyone you refer subscribe to.
Let’s now see what is known as Referring Achievement

1.) If you refer on the 1st day of your subscription, you will earn 30% of the plan the one you referred subscribed to.

2.) When you refer on the 2nd day of your subscription, 25% of what the person you referred subscribe to will be yours.

3.) Any referral done on the 3rd day of your subscription will help you earn 20% from what the person you referred subscribed to.

4.) Refer first 10 friends who subscribed within one subscription period will earn you $10 (about N3600)

5.) Refer next 10 friends who subscribed within one subscription period will rean you $17 (about N6120).

6.) Peradventure the 10 friends you refer subscribe to Value and Deluxe Plan, you will get $15 (about N5400).

7.) If you are the top referral of the month, you will earn an extra of $200 (about N72000) but you must hit 20 referral and above.

How to Withdraw Money on Mulabux Income Program – Mulabux Review

When it is month end or when it has reach 30 days from your subscription, you can request for withdrawals of your cash by inputting your bank details on their website ( and your payment will be sent to you very fast (as they say).

Mulabux Legit or Scam Review – Based on Wasplight View

There are lot of Programs like this that turns out to become a Scam at last although some are Legit. For now, I cannot tell if Mulabux is Legit or Scam because it is a new program and I haven’t heard anyone saying negative things about this Program.

Wasplight will always advise don’t be in a hurry to join Programs like this because some of them turns out to be a scam at last you really can’t tell.

You can help improve Mulabux Legit or Scam Review by dropping your thought below on the Comment section.

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