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Mr. Wealth Biography, Songs and Educational Background

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“My Beloved” is a title of a song that shows the Artist deep calling of the Holy Spirit. There are lots of songs in the internet but not all of them are spiritually edifying. When you talk of nice gospel songs, an artist based from Port Harcourt can give you such type of songs. You are about reading about gospel Minister Mr. Wealth Biography and this will help you know about him.
This article will be a short one but will convey some information about this great Gospel minister.

Mr. Wealth Biography

Mr. Wealth is a Gospel artist that has been helping souls with his various songs. He is a young minister that has been moving from schools and places to reach out to lost souls through his ministration.

Some persons might be wondering what his full name is. His full name is not even known by me because most persons already know him too well with his stage name “Mr. Wealth”. So let’s forget about his parent given name and dive into another facts about him.

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Gospel Minister Mr. Wealth hails from Emohua in Ikwerre Local Government Area in Rivers State, Nigeria and he is born on June 23 with the date being unknown at the moment.

Vital Information

Christ has died to save you and I from the grip of the devil. This Salvation can only come when you accept Christ as your Lord and personal Saviour. Repent today and be save.

Minister Mr. Wealth Educational Background

Serving God is the highest priority in life. Also, going to school is another priority because as a graduate, it gives you the chance to meet lot of persons. Mr. Wealth attended Adi-echi International Group of Schools and he is part of the Class of 2009. Also, he is a graduate from the University of Port Harcourt where he obtained a Bachelor degree in Political Science and Administrative Studies.

Songs by Mr. Wealth

Below are some of the songs sang by this talented and spirit filled singer;

1. My Beloved
2. Letter to God
3. Relapse
4. Orire

As a website (CD Baby) will put it

My Beloved is one filled with the fragrance of intimacy, it is a lover’s sign call fetched from the deep wells of the Spirit.

Mr. Wealth Pictures

Below are some of his Handsome Pictures gotten from his Instagram page.
Mr. Wealth Biography
Minister Mr. Wealth
Songs by Mr. Wealth

You can follow him on Instagram @ official_mrwealth or on Twitter @ Min_wealth.

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