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MiChat Lite App Review -An Essential Information for all

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Updated on by Emma

It’s been long since I did an App Review. One of the reason is because I haven’t seen a great app to review. Now that I have found one it is time for you to know what is it and how it functions. MiChat Lite App Review is what you are going to go through as you read this article.
There are lot of Apps in Play Store as I always say but there are selected Apps that do things others can’t do. All my reviews are not paid for but I found out that letting you know about great Apps is s thing of interest. Just read every part of this article I tagged MiChat Lite App Review.

What is MiChat Lite?

This is a free messaging App offered by MICHAT PTE that helps people or friends connect together. If you are a Fan of WeChat then you also need this. MiChat Lite App might even be greater than WeChat in your own perspective. Some important information about MiChat Lite App is that it works on Android version 4.0.3 and above, I guess not too long when this app was released it has gotten up to 1,000,000+ installation. This is to show that it is a great one indeed.

Size is 18MB and finally this App was recently updated on 3rd of May 2019.

Why I tagged this article MiChat Lite App Review is for it to serve as an eye opener or something everyone should read if they want to consider this application. Below are some features of MiChat Lite App. Less I forget the pronunciation of MiChat is My-chat and not Me-chat.

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Features of MiChat Lite App

1.) Voice Messages: When tired of typing you can use vocal to send messages. This is a faster and convenient means of communication.

2.) Group Chat: Unlike other Messaging Apps that limits you to less that 300 participants in s group. MiChat Lite gives you the opportunity to create group with a popular not exceeding 500.

3.) Ability to share or scan QR code to add friends: Since MiChat has an inbuilt QR code reader, you can send your QR code to your friends so that you or you can request theirs.

4.) Trending Chat: You can join a group that shares the same idea with you or even a group that discuss on latest happenings around your environment.

5.) Meeting Friends that are close: The great app enables you to be friends with people around you and not just far distance people.
All these are some amazing features of MiChat Lite App. I had to stop because it’s becoming too much. It might be too much for some people to read. Now to go into the real deal which is MiChat Lite App Review.

MiChat Lite App Review

There has been a frequent feedback about this app. Let me now open your eyes concerning this app so that you don’t regret it after installation.

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Lot of users have been complaining that this after signing up, you can’t delete your account. I don’t know if it is a way of making people glued up using the App. Also, “moment is in public the whole world can see it please make it private only friends” this was the cry of one user. Despite some odd Review, there has been some amazing ones also. Some people are saying it is a great app for Chatting with friends.
You can try using MiChat Lite App if you wish but take note, your account can’t be deleted for now.

MiChat Lite App Review is something everyone should know please help share this article.

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