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MedShr App Review



MedShr App Review
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Everyday, new Apps are discovered in Google Play Store. In the course of my searching for Apps I came across this wonderful Application which I am going to do a quick review on. Medical Students are really going to need this Application to make their discovery and also help them in the field of Medicine. Recently I wrote an Article on another great medical Application tagged MedScape App Review, you can as well read that article. You are about reading what I tagged MedShr App Review. Do you want to know about this App? Then read carefully.

About MedShr App

This is an App that serves as the easiest and safest way for medical professionals to discover, discuss and share clinical cases and medical images. MedShr was Released on July 29, 2015 and updated on 23 July, 2019. The App is so popular that it has over 1,000,000+ download and its recent version is 13.3.

This is a community where you can join and connect with hundreds of thousands of verified doctors, healthcare professionals and medical students sharing knowledge and learning from each other in a secure private network.

Where MedShr has been Featured

1.) BBC
2.) Sky News
3.) The Evening Standard
4.) The Telegraph
5.) Metro News

MedShr App Review

Features of MedShr App – MedShr App Review

Without this Section, MedShr App Review won’t be complete. Below are Features of this App

1.) A Place Where You Discover and Discuss Medical Cases and Image: From ECGs, scans and X-rays to patient photos and videos, MedShr App will help you find and discuss relevant medical cases with colleagues, by specialty and at all grades.

2.) Where you Share Knowledge With Verified Members: MedShr is the simple way to capture, share and discuss clinical images and videos in your everyday practice.

3.) Expand your Professional Network: Medical students and doctors of all levels can join MedShr to advance their learning and knowledge as they connect with friends from their university, place of work and across the world.

4.) Message, Connection and Colleagues: MedShr Messaging allows you to message your connections about anything from arranging to meet at a conference to sharing a link to an interesting case. To get started, tap the message bubble in the top right-hand corner of the home feed to start a new chat. Use MedShr Messaging to reach out to colleagues and build your network.

There are lot of other Features this App grants that will amaze you. Lets now see people view on this App.

MedShr App Review

All App must have Reviews from various Users. MedShr is not an exception to this phrase. Below are some Reviews given by users of this App.

According to Habeeb Ajala – It is an excellent Application that helps advancement and discussion of medical cases. I love it.


Also, Beglad Dzila has this to say – Didn’t even get in to see how it works, I’m a Medical Laboratory Scientist, and there’s nothing among the Specialties like that. I suggest you add a slot for Lab Medicine as well.

Wasplight will recommend this App for Medical Students and Professionals.

You can help improve MedShr App Review by dropping your thought at the Comment Section.

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