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Medscape App Review



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Getting money is one part of a deal, the other part of the deal is how to spend it wisely. Having good Health helps you enjoy your wealth very well that is why the popular saying goes like this “Health is Wealth”. There are Apps that helps you in a quest for a good health, you will soon be reading about one of such Apps. Medscape App Review is what you need to know about this Health App.

What is Medscape App?

Medscape is a leading online global destination for Physicians and Healthcare professionals worldwide. This App offers the latest Medical News and Expert perspective, point of care drug and disease information.
Medscape App is programme to provide a good and personalized experience so that you can easily access what you need, when you need it.

Do Doctors use Medscape

About Medscape App

This great App was released on the 6th of Jan, 2011 by WebMD, LLC and was recently updated on 1st Nov, 2019. Medscape has gone to a very far height with over five million download (5,000,000+). The recent version is 6.5 and its size is 33.09MB.

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Features of Medscape App

Medscape App Review has to include the features of this App. Some of the features include:

1.) You can find the most current prescribing and safety information on 8500+ prescription and OTC drugs, herbal and supplements.

2.) You can access the largest network for physicians and medical students with consult.

3.) You can discover the latest clinical news and perspectives in your specialty with tailored newsfeed.

4.) This is where you can find essential procedures in your field with 6200+ reference articles.

Do Doctors use Medscape?

Without answering the question “Do Doctors use Medscape“, Medscape App Review will be incomplete. Doctors are physicians, therefore they are the people that really need this App. Doctors use Medscape App so that they can be conversant with recent news on health and vaccine.

Medscape App Review

I used the App recently and it was a nice experience because of the information seen and how customized the App is. Despite the thumbs up from me, there are people that have made their own comment and Reviews about this App. Below are some Reviews

This App is super weird, it asks where you are from, then even if you chose that you aren’t from the US, and you are a medical student, it only gives you the option to choose from between the States, and its mandatory, its like asking you to lie – Hasan Battikh


I am unable to download offline data, says network error again and again – HBK Shizzel


Makes Med research for Nursing school easy, very reliable and straight to the point – Vivian Householder.


Well its good and reliable with complete and fast information, with it am becoming one of the best pharmacologist, but just try and make research each on the field of Pharmacology as well.. What a competent App – Olise Reality.

How to Create Medscape Account

It is a very easy process first and foremost you have to download the App, and then sign up for free within few seconds by providing answers to the questions below.

Medscape App Review



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