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Mcforumpay Income Program Review

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Updated on by Emma

The Income Program you are about reading is not new to some extend. It has been on for some weeks now. Since the outbreak of the Pandemic – Covid-19, working in some sector has been minimal. This has made some persons Jobless but the good news is that since you are isolating yourself, you can use this opportunity to earn money online through Income Programs. But are all these money making sites legit? Have you heard of Mcforumpay? If you haven’t, this Mcforumpay Income Program Review will expose the Program to you. Just try to read this article carefully to get all the information in about this Program.

N/B: Try as much as possible to avoid the spread of the deadly and Global virus, try to stay indoors and try to also isolate yourself from crowds.

Disclaimer: Wasplight is not trying to promote Mcforumpay Income Program nor am I in any way trying to tarnish their image. This article is geared as creating an awareness to those that want to get involved in the money making site.

About Mcforumpay – mcforumpay.com

This is a platform powered by MCFORUM LIMITED with RC 1526865 whose mission is to educate, empower, and inspire youth and community development.

Mcforumpay is a social news platform where one can read news updates from varieties of categories. As a member, you don’t just read news, you also earn by reading and commenting on the news you read.

Vital Information

We are in the last days when all sort of Sinful acts will be happening. The trumpet will soon sound, are you prepared? Repent today and be saved. Jesus is coming soon.

How to Earn in Mcforumpay

The amount in earn from some Income Programs depends on the plan you subscribe to, this Income Program is not an exception. Here there are four (4) plans that you have to choose before you start earning. They include

1.) Silver Plan

• Registration Fee: $5 (N1,750)
• Daily activities bonus: $1 (N350)
• Referral bonus: 10%
In this first plan, if you are consistent, in a week you will earn N2450 because N350 X 7 = 2450

2.) Bronze Plan

• Registration Fee: $10 (N3,500)
• Daily activities bonus: $2 (N700)
• Referral bonus: 20%
In the Bronze plan, in a week you will earn N4900. Also, when you refer someone, you earn $2 (700). My question is why did Silver come before Bronze plan when it suppose to be the other way round.

Read about Jobirra Income Program here. Is this a Scam?

3.) Gold Plan

• Registration Fee: $15 (N5,250)
• Daily activities bonus: $3 (N1050)
• Referral bonus: 30%

4.) Super Plan

• Registration Fee: $20 (N7000)
• Daily activities bonus: $4.2 (N1470)
• Referral bonus: 40%

This Income Program is a weekly payment and not the monthly payment. Due to this, you are to renew your subscription every weekend.

N/B: In Mcforumpay Income Program $1 = N350.

How to Join Mcforumpay – Mcforumpay Review

1.) Visit www.mcforumpay.com

2.) At the top of the pay, click on Join MC-Forum Income

3.) Fill the form

4.) Choose and subscription plan.

5.) Make payment using Coupon.

Mcforumpay Income Program Review

At the beginning of this article, I said something about this Program being old, due to this I can really say that they are still Legit. Although there is a chance of it being Legit up till now.

I haven’t seen any alert of any of their members that got paid but you can help improve this Mcforumpay Income Program Review by dropping a comment below. This comment can help someone that wants to join the Program.

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