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Income Program Review

Lodpress Review – Legit, Scam or Crashed? Read before Joining!!!



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There are various platforms where you can earn some cash online through doing some tasks. The internet is a world on its own, lots of things are happening there. Earning can be a risky game on the internet because there are some scamming platform. Reading a Review is always needed before you join a platform for your safety. Welcome to my Lodpress Review otherwise known as Review. Stay tuned to discover some information.

Try not to skip any line of this article because they all convey vital information. You might miss a needed information when you skip a line. Let’s get started with the Review.

Disclaimer: is not being paid to write this review. I am not trying to promote this Income Program neither am I trying to tarnish their online reputation. This piece of writing serves as a guide to aspiring members of this Platform.

Is Lodpress Legit? Is Lodpress a Scam? Indirect answers will be given to this question after you finish the review.

About Lodpress Platform | Lodpress Review is a website or platform where members get paid for publishing or writing an article on their platform. There are some similar platforms but this one is unique in its own way.

Get paid per reads, paid per article at join the new platform that can help you make money for free online. Lodpress is made for readers and articles writers” This information was seen on their website and it gives a nice understanding of what the platform is all about. You get paid after your article is read by lots of persons.

One major advantage of this platform is that it is free to sign up therefore anyone irrespective of your gender, age or occupation can join this platform. All you need is a little skills in writing articles.

Their domain name ( was bought on the 24th of August 2020 that means as at the time of writing this article, this platform is 17 days old. Judging by this fact, this is still a new Income Program because it is not up to 2 months old.

How Does Work

All you have to do is to sign up on this platform, submit unique articles (that is not copied from anywhere). You can write on subjects like Business, Technology, Tutorials How to, News, Updates, Tips and Cheats, Lifestyle, Health and so many more.

You are to search on keywords on any search engine, get a well detailed article and get visitors. You can get paid after there are unique readers reading your content. They are strict on fake readers and it can lead to some amount deducted from your Lodpress account if discovered. Below are some tips gotten from their site for those that want to be a writer;

• Signup for Google Question Hub

• Look for some searched topics and publish an article about specific questions ask via question hub.

• Add some backlinks to your article.

• Add header title to your contents recommend to use Heading 2.

• Add at least 3 to 6 images to your contents upload your images to Google drive and copy the source url image then paste it in image source link.

• Publish your article and they will publish it.


How to Earn on Lodpress

You get paid up to $100 per 10000 reads. Which means you need to get interesting content so that people can read and you earn. As seen online, if you get 1000 clicks or read from USA, you get $15 while UK gives you $10 for that same 1000 clicks. UAE 1000 clicks give you $8. Any other country will be $5 per 1000 clicks. There are some things that should be noted as a reader on this platform;

• Articles must be read by genuine readers only any form of asking friends or family to visit your links will not be credited.

• Readers should stay on your articles for good 3 minutes as to detect genuine and fake visitors.

Referral also pays on the platform, you get the 20% as earning from anyone that uses your referral link to register on this platform.

Vital Information

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Lodpress Review | Review

The platform is still in their early age, since it costs you no amount, you can join this platform and start writing some articles. On this platform, you really don’t have to be a guru in SEO all you have to do is to write nicely.


How to Join – Lodpress Registration

This is a simple process, all you have to do is visit their website find their registration page (at the top of their website), provide information to the form. Click on the register and login to your account.

Lodpress Login

All you have to do is visit their website and provide correct login details. You can then start writing articles on this platform.

Who is the Founder of

Information about the Founder or owner of this platform was not seen when searched for. This included as a Red Flag.

Red Flags on Lodpress

There are some Red flags found in any platform and this platform isn’t exempted;

• No information about the owner of the platform was seen.

• Their domain duration is for one year although it can be renewed if they feel like doing so.

• No address found on their website

Green Flag on Lodpress

The major green flag on this platform is that it is legit to join therefore anyone can join if they wish to.

Overview of Lodpress Review

Age: 17 days old
Registration Fee: Free
Authenticity: Legit at the moment
Domain duration: Up till 2021

Is Lodpress Legit

Is Lodpress Legit is a question must persons will be asking, as at the time of writing this review, this platform is Legit. A payment proof has been seen. Also withdrawal on this platform can be done using Paypal, ETH, Skrill, BTC, Opay etc.

Is Lodpress a Scam

Have you been defrauded by this platform? Do you feel they are a scam? Drop a comment below for all to see and understand what the platform is all about. But we haven’t heard of any fraudulent act at the moment.

You can help us improve this Lodpress Review otherwise known as Review by dropping a comment below for other users to know more about it. Do you trust the platform to be paying? Drop a comment today!!!

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