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Leaked Info. Review – Legit, Scam or Crashed? | Read before Joining!!!



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Welcome to where you get authentic Reviews on earning platforms such as Investment Platforms, Income Programs and Smart Contracts.

Do you know there are lots of Smart Contracts that are being released or launched? Today’s article will focus on a New Smart Contract that works in the same similitude as Forsage but is unique.

I am a member of this Smart Contract called or otherwise known as Lionshare Smart Contract therefore some detailed explanation will be given here for you to understand how this platform works.

Over 70,000 people are already members of this Smart Contract called After reading this Lionshare Review or Review, you will decide to join them or not. But do well not to skip any line of this article because important information are communicated.

Disclaimer: is not being paid to write this review. I am not trying to promote (endorse) this Income Program neither am I trying to tarnish their online reputation. This piece of writing serves as a guide to aspiring members of this Platform.

What is | Review

Lionshare Smart Contract is a 100% transparent and decentralized peer-to-peer matrix system that is built on the Blockchain network for users or members to earn Ethereum (a cryptocurrency).

Blockchain Network is one of the safest and most secure crypto network in the world, therefore Lionshare Smart Contract is 99% impossible to crash. is a platform where you are investing in while Ethereum is the cryptocurrency you’re investing with.

If you are a member of Forsage Smart Contract, or you have heard of it, then this won’t sound new to you. But if you haven’t heard of Smart contracts then after reading this Review, then you will know how they wprk and how you can earn.

Who is the Owner of Lionshare Smart Contract?

Lionshare isn’t owned by anybody. It is decentralized and as such it is created with an automated contract that offers you maximum security and sustainability. A smart contract is an automatic execution algorithm.

It exists within the Ethereum Blockchain, the number one cryptographic currency among those with which smart contracts can be created. Although there is always a meeting with the Co-founder on Zoom.

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How Does Lionshare Smart Contract Work?

Since we have derived the fact that this platform uses Ethereum Smart Contract Technology, and it is placed directly on the Blockchain. Which means the platform is self-operating and cannot be hacked.

There are two packages on this platform called Lionshare Smart Contract of which you can earn from. Keep reading this Lionshare Review carefully so that you will get the whole trick on how to become a member. Below is an explanation of the two packages.

L1 Package on Review
This is a place where all your personal referrals are placed. It is divided into 16 levels and by default, after your registration you belong to Level 1.

All levels have 3 slots and when you refer friends, they get filled up but do you know after it is filled up, you can restart the level without upgrading.

100% of the first two sales goes directly to you (this means when you refer the first two persons in a level, you get 100% of the income). While the 3rd sales will go up to your upline and this will reopen your matrix. You can choose to upgrade or still remain in that level.

With just a one-time registration, you can earn as much as you want depending on your hard work. The reason upgrading is a good idea is because when you upgrade, your earning becomes big. 0.02ETH can’t be compared with 0.05ETH or as much as 16ETH.

Let’s now see the 2nd package where you really don’t have to do much work there.

L2 Package on

Lionshare Smart Contract Review
On this L2 package, teamwork is needed to earn well. Lionshare Smart Contract dynamic follow me matrix allows you to truly work as a team. This Package also have 16 levels where members can choose to move from level to level.

In L2 Package, the first 2 sales in your matrix go to your upline then 100% of the 3rd, 4th and 5th sales are paid directly to you. The 6th sales goes to your upline and reopens your matrix so that you can choose to remain there or upgrade.

The big game on this platform is referral, you earn the more when you refer and upgrade but do you know there are some other ways to earn on Lionshare Smart Contract and they will be shown the next header.

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How to Earn on Lionshare Smart Contract

This is the header I guess you must have been waiting for and some details will be explained here so that you will be guided about the platform.

1. Referral: This is the number 1 way of earning on this platform. You earn on L1 when you refer members to the platform. If you are on Level 1 (0.02ETH) on L1 Package you get 0.02ETH when you refer your first referral while on L2, you get 0.02ETH summing your total amount for one referral to be 0.04ETH.

This amount is almost your registration fee. Remember the fact that your 3rd referral on L1 goes to your upline.

2. Spillover: Some persons might call this overflow, earning here happens on L2 Package. Spillover happens when there are lots of enough in a team. You can get free ETH when your team is doing well. But upgrade increases your chance on getting lots of Spillover and you earn big.

Lionshare Review | Review?

This platform called Lionshare Smart Contract was launched some weeks ago and have gotten more than 70,000 members. Forsage Smart Contract is similar but there are some difference. The price of Ethereum keeps increasing daily, Bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency that has sky rocked in price and Ethereum is coming behind.

Some persons might be think this platform is a scam but there will be some reasons while this platform is not a scam. You can withdraw your earnings on this platform anytime you feel like. You don’t have to wait till it reaches a certain amount.

Requirement for Lionshare Smart Contract Registration

Below are needed things before you Register for Lionshare Smart Contract, you can get them in less than some minutes (remember ethereum is increasing daily)

• 0.04ETH + gas fee (about 0.01ETH)

• Get an Ethereum Wallet (maybe Luno App)

• Download Trust Wallet (for Android users only)

• If you want to use a PC, download Meta Mask

How to Register on Lionshare

If you have gotten the above mentioned ready on your device, then follow the steps below for a successful registration of This article ( Review) gives detail on various things you should know.

• Download and fund your Trust Wallet with about 0.07ETH (all won’t be used only 0.05ETH will be used the remaining bellows to you) WhatsApp me +23481396197922 for help in funding.

• Click on the Dapps section on your Trust Wallet

• Copy this registration link and paste it on the Trust Wallet search bar.

• When the Lionshare registration page loads, click on Join Now

• After clicking the Join now, a payment page will show, click on Purchase.

• After successful purchase, it will redirect you to your dashboard.

N/B: If you are seeing “Insufficient Fund” and you have 0.07ETH in your trust wallet, please try again in the Night between 10pm – 2am. The reason for that is because of lots of traffic entering the platform at that moment.

WhatsApp me +2348139617922 for more details if you get confused. Login

This is easy, after doing the Registration all you have to do to login is to open your Trust wallet and visit on the browser section. Input your ETH address.

Overview of Review

Age: Few weeks old
Registration Fee: 0.04ETH + gas fee
Authenticity: Legit (Built on Blockchain)
Domain Duration: Up till…

Summary of Lionshare Smart Contract Review

I guess you must have been following the article carefully, for you to earn well on this platform, you need to upgrade and referral people. Joining a good team is also a vital way of earning through Spillover. Click here to join Wasplight Lionshare Team.

Is Lionshare a Scam might be a question some might be asking but the header below will answer that question with some facts.

Is Lionshare a Scam? is not a scamming platform and reasons below will proof that.

10 Reasons why Lionshare is not a Scam?

• No Admin involved on the platform

• It is 100% decentralized

• It is built on Ethereum Blockchain

• It is impossible to hack

• With only one-time Registration fee of 0.04ETH with gas fee you can get started.

• Earning on different levels are paid to your Ethereum wallet by Smart contract.

• Earnings can be withdrawn to local bank anytime.

• It is 100% open source smart contract

• Instant Peer-to-Peer payment directly to your wallet.

• No withdrawal request required.

Is a Legit?

You already know the answer to this question, Lionshare is legit you can message me on WhatsApp to get started +234819617922 or you can join Wasplight Lionshare Team but remember that referral is a vital key to earn on the Platform.

If you didn’t join Million money or Forsage Smart contract, why not join this one? Ethereum is on the high side now, Join to grab some Ethereum through hard work. I hope this Review has enlighten you on the platform. If you still have any question, do well to drop a comment.

Happy money making, Wasplight cares.

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