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Lexyfund Investment Program Review



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Almost everyday, the internet is flooded with Income Programs or Investment Programs. The issues is which of them is Legit. In the search of making money, different persons or organisation enter the Internet and start a Program. Some of these Programs are Scam. Lexyfund Investment Program Review will help people know much about this Program.

Disclaimer: Wasplight is not in any way Promoting this Program or am I trying to tarnish their Reputation. This article serves as an Eye Opener to online money makers.

About Lexyfund Investment Program

This is not like other Income Program but this is an Investment Program where you put a certain amount of money and it is being doubled. The Statement below is directly from their website

LEXYFUND Is an investment company that set standards to increase the standard living of humans. Its a system you invest and get 200% of your initial investment. Its really easy you only need to register and select your investment package, make payment and get confirmed then seat and watch out your money growing for you to cash out.

Vital Information

Do you know the world is coming to an end? Repent now and avoid everlasting damnation or punishment. There will be no pity during Judgment

How to Earn on Lexyfund Program –
Lexyfund Investment Program Review

This is an investment Program where the amount you put in determines the amount you withdraw from them. Below are some of their Investment Packages

1.) Baby Package:
Here you invest just N3000 and get back N6000.

2.) Basic Package:
They claim when you put in N5000 you will get in return N10000

3.) Beginners Package:
Put N10,000 to earn N20,000

4.) Amateur Package:
Here you put N20,000 and you will earn N40,000

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5.) Mature Package:
Same times two of your capital this results your N50,000 to N100,000

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6.) Professional Package:
N100,000 you will earn N200,000.

N/B: Visit to know some things about them also.

Lexyfund Investment Program Review

Most of these Programs Scam while few of them are genuine. Let me just go straight to the point.

I won’t advise anyone to be part of this Investment Program. Based on some things considered and seen, Wasplight sees Lexyfund Investment Program as a Scam.

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