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Lazaam Legit or Scam Review

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There are lot of schemes in the internet and now a new one is out. This one is called Lazaam. Thats is why we are going to do what is called Lazaam Legit or Scam Review. Is Lazaam Scam or Legit? All you need to know about this scheme will be discussed in no time.

Note: There are lot of scamming websites in the internet and you can’t really fish them out by mere looking. You have to go deep down and do some investigation before you know that. Reviews are something you have to read about because they are articles based on investigation.


What is Lazaam

Before you go ahead to read about Lazaam Legit or Scam Review you have to know what it is. According to their site.

Lazaam is a platform where participants invest in each other to alleviate poverty. We believe that we rise in life by lifting others. To ensure this is aimed at alleviate hardships on the economy and general life.
Only four mode of pledges exist: the Bronze, Silver, Gold and the Diamond packages which involves a pledge of ₦2000, ₦3000 and ₦4000 respectively. This ensures the consideration of the common user.

When you go to the site, the thing you will see is “Get 100% ROI after 12hrs of donation and ₦250 Referral bonus”.

Lazaam Review

Creating Account

This is the first part you have to do if you want to use Lazaam. It is very simple to create account here. In just three steps you are done. You will be asked to answer some questions and after that, you are a member. Below is an image of some questions being asked when creating account.

Lazaam Legit or Scam Review

Lend Money

After creating account go to your profile and enter at least one Bank details. Then click on your dashboard to make donation to another participant.

How to Earn Money on Lazaam Income Program

First step is to create an account. This step has been explained above.

Then visit your profile page, click on Edit Bank Info and enter your financial institution details. Two bank details must not be the same identifier to help you to differentiate from each other.

Then you pledge to provide help for another user. Lazaam automatically links you to a user to help.

Once confirmed of your help to another user, Lazaam gets you linked (with a range of 1-6 hours) with two user of same package range to provide you with help.

You can only make maximum of three donations at a time which you will receive a 100% return. Plus the default donation amount after 12 hours of making the donation. This ensures others including you, get involved.

You can also make cool cash from referrals. You earn to your referral wallet a sum of ₦250 on any person referred , after the first donation made by such down liner.

This sum of ₦250 compiles to ₦1000, (from 4 down liners), then while you cash out a help of ₦1000 will be pledged to you. Note that before cash out from referral wallet, your earning must be a multiple of ₦1000.


Getting Money through Lazaam Referral

Not only Lazaam there are lot of sites that pay or claim to pay money through referral. I assume you know what referral is. Once you refer people to use Lazaam and they do, you are given N250 for each person. Sounds cool doesn’t it?

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Lazaam Legit or Scam Review

This is the main section because without a Sub section like Lazaam Legit or Scam Review, this article might not be too important to some people. Lazaam is a new site, it was bought about 2 months ago (at the time of writing this article). That is, I haven’t heard about someone being Scammed. That does not mean it is Legit it might still be a scam.I really can’t say for now. lets wait till this site reaches a high population.

Below is their goal.

Lazaam Goal.

These are our goal of launching these platform

1. We want to establish a dividend system that pays each unemployed person 12 hourly in other to grow their financial status till they get a sustainable job.

2. We want to establish a cycle that will teach the world that much is depend on helping each other.

3. We want to battle poverty in all parts of the world and teach individuals the power of investing in each individual.

4. We believe that givers never lack and no candle will be light out while Lighting other candles.

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